Clever Tips to Keep Wedding Costs Down

Weddings are more often than not expensive events, especially for the hosts but also for the guests. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to keep your wedding costs down. Don’t compromise on things which are important to you, but there may be options that you can choose in other areas to minimize costs. 


Don’t rush to the altar

Having a long engagement can save you lots of money because you can book things like the venue and caterer early when the prices are lower. You also have time to properly research which places are the cheapest but still at a good quality. You can also afford to wait for deals to come up on invitations and other decor options.


 Choose a venue that doesn’t come with vendors

Some venues require you to use their caterer, bartender, and DJ, which means they’re often a lot more expensive than if you booked those services separately. You can cut your costs by half or more just by choosing a venue that gives you flexibility on the services offered.

Serve buffet style food

You can also keep costs low by serving your food in a buffet-style, where guests help themselves instead of having waitstaff serve food. This means that you can use those savings to serve more expensive food if you wish, such as roast beef instead of chicken. A little tip from Rachel Friedman, a finance blogger at Write my essay and Ukwritings, is to “think outside the box as well, like roasting a pig or having friends make sides, or reach out to a local BBQ joint. Guests will more often than not love the originality and the quality is guaranteed.”


Limit the alcohol options

You don’t need to buy every kind of liquor for the event. You can stick with beer and wine and that’s sufficient. If you insist on having liquor, consider having only one “signature” cocktail so you know exactly which liquor to buy. You can also look into different liquor stores and buy from one that will take back any unopened bottles. This means you can have a generous estimate and avoid running out of alcohol while not being stuck with all the extra afterwards.

Think about renting a house for the venue

Some weddings are now using rented houses which can serve as a wedding venue, reception and also housing for guests who have come from out of town. A big house party can be a lot more intimate and casual, bringing the wedding party closer together and cutting the guests’ expenses as well. On the subject of venues, it doesn’t hurt to have your ceremony and reception in the same place. Guests can enjoy appetizers and cocktails while the wedding party takes pictures immediately after the ceremony. Doing this will save on transportation costs between venues – no limousines or guests getting lost. You can often get deals from the venue by having both events in the same place.


Get married in a registry office or courthouse

Having your wedding at a registry office is a guaranteed way to save money, and it gives you the opportunity to redistribute your money towards a bigger reception with more guests, or even towards the honeymoon which is arguably more important than the wedding itself. This option will greatly reduce your stress before the big day, and it doesn’t have to be a casual affair. Margaret Lute, a lifestyle blogger at Academized and Uktopwriters, suggests that you “look into historic courthouses – there are many gorgeous buildings out there, and you can still wear a fancy wedding dress and invite a couple of dozen guests.”


Have a smaller wedding

Cutting costs can be as simple as inviting fewer people and you’ll already save thousands. Think about who you really want at your wedding, and whether every adult needs a plus one. This one may be a bit more difficult to pull off, but if you’re able to make those tough decisions, you could really shave off a significant amount of money from your total costs.

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Your wedding day should be special, regardless of the size and extravagance of the affair. When you’re planning this day, keep in mind that you can have a memorable, special, and elegant wedding without breaking the bank or compromising other financial objectives.

Nora Mork is a lifestyle journalist at Revieweal and Writemyaustralia. She shares her knowledge and experience by speaking at public niche events and writing posts for blogs, such as OX Essays.