Circle of Love Outdoor Wedding Season Guide

We all know planning an outdoor wedding can be difficult, especially when you have to consider the one factor that can affect it all; Mother Nature! To help you work with rather than against her, we asked our Circle of Love team to put together what they recommend to be the ideal time of year in their region for your outdoor wedding.

Sunshine Coast

Time of Year: Winter

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Sunshine Coast Ceremony

For beach weddings on the Sunshine Coast, the perfect time is winter.

Perfect temperatures, less chance of wind and rain and it’s not too hot and sweaty for you and your guests. As it’s the quieter holiday season you can also find that accommodation and venues are cheaper.


Time of Year: Spring (October)

Outdoor Weddings, Garden Weddings, Beach Weddings, Wedding Seasons, Australian Weddings, Wedding in Australia

Melbourne Ceremony

October is fast becoming one of Melbourne’s most popular months to tie the knot. October is normally quite calm, and the temperature starts to reach the twenties again after a long winter. This time of year is perfect as it is not too close to Christmas when most people are finishing work and celebrating the festive season. Some venues are also quieter and more flexible with dates at this time of year. The gardens also tend to be beautiful and green after all the rain over winter.


Time of Year: Autumn

Perth Ceremony

Autumn is a very popular season to get married in Perth with beautiful days, less wind, gorgeous settings eg, Autumn leaves in the parks and gardens etc. It’s an overall ‘perfect’ season for a wedding. Whether you’re having a beach or garden wedding the setting is usually picture perfect and the days are comfortable for yourself and your guests.

Tweed Coast

Time of Year: Autumn (March – June)

Tweed Coast Ceremony

I believe Autumn is the nicest time to be married on the Tweed Coast. This is usually the calmest time of year with light to no winds along with clear days. The nights can be cooler so a completely outdoor reception isn’t recommended.

There is less chance of tropical cyclones, large swells, howling northerly coastal winds and it’s also outside of peak tourist season.

Autumn falls perfectly between our hot and windy summer and the coolness of a coastal winter.


Time of Year: Autumn (March)

Hickson Road Reserve

Sydney Ceremony

March is the beginning of Autumn and the lovely weather means it is one of the best times of the year for an outdoor Wedding in Sydney. The weather in Autumn is the most pleasant of all the year, the days are crisp and clear with no wind.  Average temperatures are 17.5 – 24.7 so a very comfortable day for the couple and their guests whether the Wedding is in a garden or on the beach.

Gold Coast

Time of Year: Winter (August)

Gold Coast Ceremony

Even though Autumn is a great time to get married on the Gold Coast, Winter weddings don’t get enough credit in the Gold Coast. Particularly in August when the daylight and temperatures are beginning to increase again. Low rainfall averages and low wind speed mean less chance of having to resort to Plan B. While greener grass and lower tides make for perfect pictures.

Being outside of peak tourism season may also mean cheaper prices.


Time of Year: Spring

Brisbane Ceremony

The ideal time of year for a garden wedding in Brisbane is Spring. The days are starting to get longer and the weather is warming up with an average of 20.3 degrees, so it is a perfect time to be outdoors and feel comfortable. The end of Winter winds have subsided and the rainfall is minimal with Spring being the driest time of the year.

Whether you are planning a destination wedding or something in your own hometown, we hope our guide has given you some helpful advice for planning when to have your perfect outdoor wedding.

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