Choosing the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Looking for inspiration or unsure of what bridal bouquet style you want your wedding to reflect? Check out the guide below for some suggestions. It may ease the process and get you enthusiastic about how to get decorative with your bridal bouquet on your big day!

Let’s dive in to explore some of the popular Bridal Bouquet options.

1) Round:

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The round bouquet is a traditional, beautiful, and timeless arrangement. In general, it is a big bouquet of one or two colours and types of flowers with a half-sphere. It is generally devoid of greenery. Bridal bouquets like this one are perfect for brides who want their bouquet dominated by one or two large, striking blooms. Round bouquets are mostly made with roses, peonies, and gardenias, although many other flowers can also be used.

2) Nosegay:

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If you want a more modern and stylish bridal bouquet, then this is a perfect choice. These are smaller and lighter bouquets, but one that is still gorgeous. And can be made with any variety of flowers. Popular selections include calla lilies, peonies, roses, or a mix of many types of flowers. Small, spherical blooms are clustered together and supported with ribbon, tulle, or lace. As a result of their smaller size, nosegay bouquets are perfect for bridesmaids or other female bridal party members.

3) Hand-tied:

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This bouquet is a popular option for outdoor, boho, or rustic-style weddings. With a mix of flowers and foliage, this bouquet generally has a wild just picked from the garden vibe, and the sterns are often visible and of varied length. However, ranunculus, carnations, stocks and garden roses, peonies, dahlias, and daisies are among the most popular selections for this style. Incorporating a wide variety of blooms lends a fresh and natural aspect to this bridal bouquet. This can also be styled up with a beautiful range of greenery and leaves.

4) Glamelia or Composite:

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This bouquet is a stunning and unusual alternative for the bride who wants to make a statement. If your clothing is simple, this bouquet is perfect for you. It will bring style and elegance to your look. This bouquet is made from flower petals (often roses) that appear to be one colossal bloom when seen from the side—generally made with cymbidium orchids, gerbera daisies, among other options. Due to its meticulousness and time-consuming creation, it’s a bit costly.

5) Cascade:

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This bouquet has timeless elegance and charm.  It is common for this bouquet to be composed of one or two flowers with foliage interwoven. For more bohemian or rustic designs, wildflowers and vines are commonly used. It forms a “V” shape that falls from the top of the bouquet to the bride’s hands as it flows down. In terms of its size and influence on the scene, it’s a beautiful choice for brides.

6) Pomander:

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These are also known as kissing balls and are circular. A loop handle hangs them, and this bouquet is easy to carry and distinctive. Because it is easy to carry, it is a popular choice for flower girls. Single colour and floral types are commonly used. However, this can be a beautiful chair attachment, either on the aisle chairs or on the reception tables. Roses and carnations are popular options, but any flower or mix of flowers may be used to make this lovely arrangement.

Final Words:

The above discussion highlights the different types of bridal bouquets available in the market. If you are contemplating the different ideas to create the best wedding bouquet, you can consider either of the options mentioned above.