Cheap Wedding Ideas for an Affordable Celebration

Are you about to tie the knot or are you helping a couple who is? The budget is limited, leaving you in search of cheap wedding ideas that will help keep the costs down and the fun high. Check out these fun and simple ideas that are sure to jump-start your imagination. I should note that every idea really works.

Pizza Wedding

If you would like to have dinner with the members of the wedding party, think pizza. Most cities have at least one affordable pizza joint with a comfortable atmosphere. Speak to the manager about reserving the appropriate number of tables.


Check with the guests beforehand to make sure the pizza selection will have something to please everyone. Order soda and beer pitchers instead of individual drinks. Plan the order, including the drinks, so that guests will be taken care of but have to pay out-of-pocket for any extras.

Free Wedding Venue

Now, when it comes to the wedding itself, there are even more things that can be done to reduce the expenses. Instead of renting a venue, look at free options. Does a close family member have a garden that would be just perfect? Is there a good location that could compromise on some factors in order to accommodate the budget?

For instance, is one religious institution offerings significantly better price options that the other at the top of the list? While some will offer the use of the building for free if one or both parties are members, others require a financial commitment. Both members of the couple should be comfortable with the choice of venue.

You might be able to get aid from the women’s church group for a small donation. These women are often highly experienced with the various aspects of wedding planning and might be quite glad to help. Find out if this is an option for the congregation at your church.

Wedding Planning

Planning is an essential aspect of success, and you should begin early. Whether or not you work with the ladies at your church or an experienced Wedding Planner, the sooner you begin, the better. This gives you greater opportunity to handle snags and to get better rates from service providers.

Having a bartender for the reception is an expense that can be cut. One way is to have a cash bar or to provide free drinks for the first hour or some similar restrictions. Speak to the reception venue representative to find out if you can supply the alcohol yourself. If so, you can save significantly over what hotels and similar places charge for the alcohol. Also, consider serving wine and beer only rather than expensive mixed drinks. If a particular mixed drink goes well with the theme, you can offer one for free to go with the otherwise cash bar privilege.

These cheap wedding ideas are a good start to reducing your expenses. Marriage is a beautiful joining of two lives and that celebration should be the focus of joy for everyone. Saving money reduces stress for everyone and enhances the entire event!

Wedding Invitations

Instead of investing in expensive invitations that will get tossed by most guests, why not make them? Use materials and colours in line with the wedding theme and create unique, memorable invites for those on the guest list.

You can find high-quality supplies in office supply stores and craft booking retailers. Use a laserjet printer for the text and remember to keep it simple. You want the invitations to appear attractive and frugal, not cheap and tacky!

Focus the correspondence on one aspect of the theme, such as using a snowflake shape for a winter wedding. You can use the wedding colours for tiny decorative shapes to break up the white space. However, you should avoid little sleighs or other items that demand closer scrutiny, thus detracting from the important aspects of the invitation.

While you are making these, you can also plan coordinating seating cards for the guests. Use the same colours, fonts and other artistic elements for a more cohesive presentation.

Cheap and Beautiful Decorations

Just as you can create the invitations and seating cards, you can make your own centrepieces for the reception tables. The cost of flowers can add up quickly, especially for this type of event. You can find some simple centrepiece designs that use fewer flowers and that can be assembled by a novice.


Alternatively, you could opt for non-floral centrepieces. Water and fire are both popular elements that you might incorporate into your DIY designs. Would the sights and sounds of flowing water be in line with the theme? What about still water bowls with floating flowers? You might also float tea lights with or instead of the blooms.

More formal weddings with fewer children might want to use candles in various areas for ambience. You can rent inexpensive holders from a party supply shop and decorate yourself with silk flowers, simple but attractive cloth draped safely away from the flame, or anything else that you can think of.

Once you know the theme and colours, you are ready to begin planning. However, you should not purchase items until you know how much you will need for everything. For instance, maybe you know that you are going to use blue spray paint for part of the decorations. Only purchase once you are sure of everything to be covered with it.

While you can go back to the store for more, products from different batches might have slight variations. This is particularly true when dealing with upholstery.

Make sure that you have sufficient time to get the DIY projects completed. Create a schedule and enlist aid as needed. Remember that it is about the big day and the joining of two lives. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and nobody else will either. Instead, focus on celebrating the union with the great DIY wedding ideas your team made!

About the author: Diane H. Wong is a writer for write my essay service. She also works as a wedding organizer.