Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning:

Tips for Saving Money Without Sacrificing Style

If you’re like many people with wedding fever, you’ve likely imagined every stylish component of your wedding, from the invitations to the amazing venue. However, while you have your dreams, your budget may have different plans.

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It can be upsetting to find that you can’t afford everything you imagined, but remember there is hope. You can still have a great wedding without sacrificing style by looking for affordable alternatives, building a budget, and channelling your DIY side.

Get Your Finances In Order

The first step to financially sound wedding planning is to look at the potential costs and see how they fit into your budget. Many people think their wedding budget is completely destroyed when they learn that the average wedding costs $28,000. However, you don’t have to do what everyone else does.

If possible, you want to pay for your wedding without taking on any new debts. Look at how much you and your fiancé have in savings and pool your resources. Sit down and write out every potential expense so you have a plan of action. Write out everything from the venue to the chairs you’ll need to the flowers, invitations, and more. Then, start researching local vendors and find the best prices.

How To Get Funds Other Ways

When you know you want to spend more than you have, consider a loan. Many banks and card companies offer wedding loans that can help you cover the cost of wedding rings, the venue, your honeymoon, or any other aspect where funds are short.

The other option is to take out a line of credit, which is an amount of money extended to you, and you can use some or all of it. You just pay back what you borrowed. Repayment is another area where a line of credit and a personal loan differ. A loan typically has a fixed monthly payment, whereas a line of credit often has variable interest rates, so your payments could fluctuate. Just make sure that you only take out what you can pay back without causing future financial stress.

There are other ways to pay for a wedding if you’re short on cash. You could put money on your credit card. If you do, try to find a card that offers miles so you can use them for your honeymoon. You could also borrow from friends or family. Just be sure to get an agreement in writing.

Alternatively, if either of you has a stock portfolio, you could leverage it to get a loan. This is known as securities-based loan and it’s one in which you’re using your stocks as collateral. But before you jump at this, know there are upsides and downsides to securities-based loans. The nice thing is you can get one without having perfect credit, but if you aren’t able to pay it back, you’ll lose your stocks. So have a repayment plan in place before pursuing this option.

Different Ways To Cut Costs

Having a budget wedding while still creating a memorable event often requires you to pick and choose where you spend your money.

For instance, if you want all the best decorations and to invite all your guests, then one way you can save money is by choosing a more affordable venue. Instead of having the wedding at a country club, banquet hall, or resort, opt to have an outdoor wedding at the park or beach. You may need to pay for a permit, but it will be much more affordable. Even better, you can get the venue for free by throwing the celebration in your backyard.

If you’re set on having your wedding at a big venue, you may be able to do so if you choose a wedding date during the off-season, which may be during the fall or winter.

Another way to avoid sacrificing style is to trim your guest list. You can keep your fancy decorations, flowers, and centrepieces but have fewer of them. Look at your budget to determine how many guests you can afford, and then invite the family and friends that mean the most to you.

You can also save money for what’s most important to you by scaling back the drink menu. Instead of the open bar, you can allow guests to bring their own drinks or stick with soda, water, and other affordable options. Then, save money on the cake by making it shorter. You may have dreamt of a large three-tier cake, but going down to one or two could drastically cut costs.

Get Stylish Decorations For Less

The other option for having a stylish wedding for a fraction of the cost is to make many of the decorations and components yourself. Start with the invitations. You may have always dreamed of sending handwritten invitations using the finest calligraphy. Instead of spending money on printers and paper, you can create invitations using a calligraphy font on a word processor and then email them to the recipients.

Next, instead of buying fancy centrepieces, look online for DIY decorations that you can make at home. You’ll be surprised at how some ribbons, flowers, and mason jars can create gorgeous pieces that will amaze your guests. Other ideas include:

  • Painting wine bottles.
  • Putting out succulents or potted plants.
  • Placing a paper lantern on each table.


When in doubt, visit a local dollar store and purchase pre-made decorations for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re making your own decorations or wedding attire, you can further save money by purchasing the materials at the thrift store. You can often find fabric, materials for your centrepieces, and more.

When it comes to thrifting like a pro, there are a few things to remember. One of them is to remember to stick to your budget. It’s easy to get carried away in a thrift store because items are inexpensive. Bring your budget along and a friend to keep you in line. Also, even though the items are quality checked, they have often been touched by many people before, so bring some hand sanitiser just to be safe. If you need inspiration for the items to choose, check out social media or ask your friends for advice.


There are many ways to save money on your wedding without sacrificing style. Use these tips, ask for advice from your married friends, and use your personal touch. You’ll make it an event to remember.