Bridal Party Jewelry Etiquette:

3 Big No-Nos

This year is going to be one of the biggest ever as far as wedding arrangements are concerned.

The last two years have seen wedding ceremonies cancelled or postponed due to Covid restrictions. When they have gone ahead, many have been downsized dramatically.

The Wedding Report showed that weddings plummeted to only 1.1 million in 2020. However, they shot up to 2.7 million in the following year.

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This is welcome news for couples everywhere. As normality resumes, brides and grooms can look forward to their long-planned big day once more.

Yet, with the big day comes a certain amount of stress and organization. One important area of concern is the bridal party’s etiquette, and in particular, the jewellery worn.

What Constitutes the Bridal Party?

Weddings come in all sizes and budgets, and some things can be left out. Not everyone needs imported flowers, multiple event locations, or extravagant decor.


Yet, you can’t omit everything. One of the true essentials to the wedding ceremony is of course the bridal party.

The bridal party consists of the happy couple. But, it also consists of all those who will be with them during the ceremony.

This means, the bridesmaids, maid of honour, the best man, and the groomsmen. There may also be some little helpers such as the ring bearers and flower girls.

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What Etiquette Should be Observed by the Bridal Party?

There is an almost endless list of things that should be done or not done by those in the bridal party.

Bridal party etiquette doesn’t just relate to the ceremony. It refers to the responsibility that has been asked of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

They are there to be relied on in the event of any difficulties or emergencies. Therefore, excessive drinking is one big no-no.

As far as the ceremony goes though, there is one area of etiquette regarding the jewellery. And it needs to be observed by the bride, and her bridesmaids.

Here are three no-nos that should never happen regarding the bridal party’s jewellery.

1. Never Outshine the Bride

Nobody attending a wedding should ever outshine the bride, but it would be a disaster if it was one of the bridesmaids who did so.


Ultimately, the decision on jewellery and accessories for bridesmaids should come down to her. Therefore, if you are a bridesmaid, don’t put on all your bling for the wedding day.

The cost of a wedding now is around $34,000 on average, according to Statista. With this money spent, all eyes should be on the bride, not the bridesmaid’s jewellery.

There is another consideration here though. Although the bride decides on what may be worn, her bridal party needs to be comfortable with the choice too. Some of the bridesmaids may not have pierced ears for instance.

2. Don’t Wear Clashing Jewelry

Many people feel that all the bridesmaids need to match exactly, but this isn’t the case. The same is true for jewellery.

The bridal party doesn’t need to wear matching jewellery, but it also shouldn’t be clashing. The bridesmaids may want to wear their own jewellery, or they may have different tastes.


One way to avoid a clash in photos is to keep the bridal party jewellery the same precious metal, but allow different colour gems. You could use something like coloured gemstone earrings with gold for instance.

3. Not Matching the Theme and the Colours

When choosing bridal party jewellery, you need to consider the bridesmaid dresses, as well as the bride’s.

For instance, ivory goes well with gold. White gold works with blues.

As a bride, you may have your heart set on jewellery you have spotted. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t work and compliment the dresses and the colours you have chosen, it will be a mistake.

What Jewellery is Best for the Bridal Party, and Who Pays for it?

Of course, the expense is a big subject when it comes to weddings. They are hugely expensive, and not just for the couple and their parents.

The bridal party will incur a significant amount of costs, and these may include the dresses they are wearing, presents, travel, and accommodation.

It may also include jewellery for the occasion.


A bride though can gift jewellery for the wedding day, and many do. Whether you decide to gift some jewellery is a purely personal choice, and should fit your budget.

Alternatively, you can allow your bridal party to wear their own jewellery but get together to make sure it works. Some of your party may not want to wear jewellery at all, remember.


There are so many things to organize for a wedding. Hiring caterers, booking a venue, even understanding what not to write in the wedding invites.

The bridesmaids should all be comfortable with what they are wearing, and they don’t need to match. But, they should look uniform in the photos. Their jewellery should also compliment the dresses they wear.