Blooming Trends:

Top Flower Arrangements for Australian Weddings in 2024


When it comes to weddings, flowers are on the short list of things you really want to get right! These are essential elements that reflect the couple’s personality, style, and love story. From the bouquet the bride holds as she walks down the aisle to the centerpieces that adorn each table, every petal and leaf plays a part in the day’s beauty and ambience.

As we step into 2024, we’re seeing an exciting evolution in how couples choose to incorporate florals into their big day. Join us as we delve into the blooming trends shaping Australian weddings in 2024. Whether you’re planning your own wedding, dreaming of future possibilities, or just love a good floral arrangement, we’ve got the freshest, most vibrant trends ready for you to explore. Let’s dive into a floral journey that promises to be as enchanting as it is enlightening.

The Rise of Native Australian Blooms


Native Australian flowers, with their striking colours, unusual shapes, and rugged beauty, are transforming wedding venues and bouquets alike. While there are certainly more traditional options that we associate with weddings, native flowers are gorgeous in their own right and help contribute to that rustic charm that a lot of modern weddings are going for.

Spotlight on Popular Natives


This showstopper, with its deep red hues and captivating texture, makes for a stunning focal point in any arrangement. It’s a symbol of beauty and strength, perfect for a wedding that aims to make a statement.

Kangaroo Paw

Known for its unique paw-like flowers and vibrant colours, the Kangaroo Paw adds a playful and exotic touch to bouquets and centrepieces, fitting seamlessly into both rustic and modern themes.

Wax Flower

With its delicate blossoms and lovely fragrance, the Wax Flower brings a touch of whimsy and romance. It’s incredibly versatile, complementing both bold natives and traditional blooms.

Incorporating Native Flowers into Your Wedding

Theme Harmony

Match your flowers to your wedding theme. Rustic, beach, or bush settings are naturally enhanced by native arrangements, but don’t be afraid to mix natives with classic flowers for more traditional or urban venues.

Color Coordination

Use the vibrant reds, yellows, and greens of native flowers to complement your wedding color scheme. They can add a pop of color to neutral settings or harmonise with bolder hues.

Personal Touch

Incorporate natives that have personal significance to you or your partner, or that reflect the natural beauty of the location where you’re tying the knot.

Seasonal Selections

Opt for wedding flowers that are in season to ensure the freshest, most beautiful arrangements, and to keep costs down.

Color Trends for 2024

Welcome to the colourful world of 2024, where flower palettes are not just about tradition – they’re about personality, style, and making a statement. This year, we’re seeing a shift towards color schemes that are both bold and nuanced, reflecting a blend of classic elegance and contemporary vibrance. Let’s explore the trending hues set to adorn aisles, bouquets, and tables across Australia, and how you can weave these colours into your wedding day.

Trending Color Palettes

Earthy Elegance

Think rich terracotta, warm ochre, and soft sage. These colors bring a grounded, natural feel to any wedding, perfect for outdoor or rustic themes. They pair beautifully with wooden elements and lush greenery for a serene, organic vibe. 

Sunset Spectacle

Imagine the breathtaking hues of a sunset – deep purples, fiery oranges, and romantic pinks. This palette adds drama and passion to your floral arrangements, making them stand out and creating a memorable atmosphere.

Oceanic Oasis

Soft blues, teal, and sandy neutrals make up this refreshing palette, ideal for beach or coastal weddings. These colors mirror the beauty of the sea and sky, bringing a calm, tranquil energy to your special day.

Regal Romance

Royal blue, emerald green, and gold – a palette that speaks of sophistication and luxury. Perfect for elegant, formal weddings, these colours add depth and richness to your floral décor.

Incorporating the Colours 


Mix and match flowers in your chosen palette for a personalised bouquet that complements your theme and attire. Consider adding texture with different types of foliage or unexpected elements like berries or succulents.


Create dynamic tablescapes by varying the shades and heights of your floral arrangements. Incorporate candles, lanterns, or coloured glass for an extra layer of interest and ambiance.

Venue Decorations 

Drape garlands of greenery interspersed with flowers along aisles, staircases, or ceilings. Use your color scheme in backdrops, chair decorations, or hanging installations to unify the space and make a visual impact.

Ceremony Arch to Photo Booth

If you have a floral arch or backdrop, move it to the reception area to serve as a gorgeous photo booth backdrop, giving your guests a beautiful spot to capture memories.

By embracing sustainable practices and getting creative with your floral arrangements, you’re not just planning a wedding; you’re making a statement about the kind of world you want to live in. Plus, you’re setting the stage for a day that’s as beautiful and meaningful as your love story, with the added bonus of being kind to the planet.

Innovative Arrangement Styles

Australian couples are embracing styles that range from the effortlessly elegant to the boldly avant-garde. Let’s dive into the latest floral designs making waves and how they can elevate your wedding day from memorable to unforgettable.


What is Trending

Cascading Bouquets

The modern cascade is a free-flowing, organic masterpiece, blending traditional elegance with a touch of wild, natural beauty. Perfect for adding drama to a classic or romantic wedding, cascading bouquets make a statement and complement long, flowing bridal gowns beautifully.

Minimalist Designs

Less can indeed be more with minimalist floral arrangements. Think single-stem bouquets, sparse table centrepieces, and clean, geometric shapes. This style suits urban, modern, or Scandinavian-themed weddings, adding a sophisticated, understated touch that lets the beauty of each flower shine.

Wild and Whimsical

For the free-spirited couple, arrangements that mimic the untamed beauty of nature are all the rage. Wildflower bouquets, asymmetrical arrangements, and mixed textures create a relaxed, bohemian vibe that’s perfect for outdoor, beach, or country weddings. 

Edible Elements

Culinary trends are making their way into floral design, with arrangements featuring herbs, fruits, and even vegetables. These can add a unique, sensory experience to your décor and are ideal for foodie couples or rustic, farm-to-table wedding themes. 

Choosing the Right Style for Your Wedding 

Consider Your Venue

Let the space guide your floral choices. A grand ballroom might call for tall, opulent centrepieces, while a beachside setting suits more laid-back, natural arrangements.

Reflect Your Theme

Your wedding theme should be a thread that runs through every element, including your flowers. A vintage-themed wedding might feature antique roses and peonies, while a modern affair could lean towards sleek, monochromatic designs. 

Personal Style

Your wedding is a reflection of you. Choose flowers and arrangements that resonate with your personal style, whether that’s bold and colourful or simple and chic.

Season and Setting

Take cues from the season and your surroundings. A winter wedding might inspire rich, warm colours and textures, while a spring celebration could lean towards bright, fresh blooms.

Remember, the key to a stunning wedding is cohesion, not just following trends. By selecting an arrangement style that harmonies with your venue, theme, and personal taste, you’ll create a cohesive, beautiful, and memorable setting for your big day.


Don’t be afraid to mix and match, to take a pinch of the traditional and a dash of the contemporary, to create a floral theme that speaks to who you are as a couple. Whether you lean towards the lushness of cascading bouquets, the simplicity of minimalist designs, the wild charm of bohemian arrangements, or the innovative twist of edible elements, let your flowers reflect your journey, your personalities, and your dreams.

Now, we turn the floor over to you. What floral trends have captured your imagination? Are there elements from today’s exploration that you’re excited to weave into your wedding day? Or perhaps you have innovative ideas of your own that could inspire other couples navigating their floral decisions.