6 Things Not To Write In Wedding Invitations

Finally, you have taken the next step in your relationship. All the time spent dating has led to this one shining moment in destiny. In simple terms, you’re getting married! You are excited - as you should be. The plans are in full swing and everything is setting up just perfectly. Even though the e

Four Wedding Cars to Consider for Your Big Day

When planning your big day there are a number of things to consider, the list is long, and the planning is tedious, but the end result is a memory you will look back on quite fondly. One of these considerations has to be the car you depart in after the ceremony. It might not seem like much, but thin

Do I need a Wedding Decorator?

It’s natural to have cold feet on your special day. It’s even more natural to want your wedding to be an experience that touches your heart and etches the memory into your mind. Even though you might not believe it, hiring a wedding decorator is one of the first things you need to do to make your we

DIY Photobooth Backgrounds for Your Wedding

The best way to remember weddings is through photographs. The selfie revolution may have dulled the excitement around it, but we can't have that. So, how do you make sure yours has fantastic memories? Get a DIY photo booth background for your wedding! [caption id="attachment_27429" align="alignnone"