Pets at Weddings

Pets at Weddings, namely dogs, are becoming increasingly popular. Pets are considered a family member in most households and for some couples exchanging vows without their fur babies present or somewhat involved is just simply out of the question. [caption id="attachment_16710" align="alignnone" wid

Fun Must-Haves for a Beach Wedding

There are many elements to getting married on the beach.  The comfort of your guests is a big one. Check out some fun must-haves for a beach wedding. A Shoe Check Most people enjoy having the sand between their toes but it does come with some discomfort.  Provide a table or basket for them to leave

Wedding Sign Ideas

Are you looking for some different ideas for your Wedding Signs? It seems these days that Wedding signs are almost an obligatory addition to your Wedding decoration.  Gone are the days when all we had was an ordinary seating chart. We now have directions to the goings on, catchy sayings, heartfelt m

Essentials to a Wedding Ceremony

There are many questions you need to ask yourself when planning your wedding ceremony and it can become quite overwhelming. Some of the questions you may ask yourself are below: What is the best location for my wedding ceremony? How do I apply for the permit through council? What style do I want? Wh