8 Ways Planning a Same-Sex Wedding is Different to a Traditional Wedding

You two have endured the test of time and proved your love for each other and finally, you have decided to exchange vows. What about giving this special day, a unique touch! [caption id="attachment_24578" align="alignnone" width="320"] Source: Shutterstock[/caption] Here we have 8 of the best ideas

7 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Wedding

Weddings are an exciting time of life. Everyone travels from all around the country and maybe even the world to celebrate the love between two people. It's a great moment to come together and have fun with your loved ones, but not everyone can afford to do that at a five-star venue that charges thou

Reduce Wedding Anxiety by Focusing on Proper Sleep

There's so much to think about while you plan your wedding. After you check one responsibility off your to-do list, two more appear with looming deadlines. While it's fun to dream about how your dress will look and what your guests will eat, most brides feel some level of stress during the planning

Stylish Ways to Keep Warm at Your Winter Wedding

Choosing your wedding dress is a big deal for most brides. You want to wear the perfect dress that makes you feel as great as you look and then there are accessories to think about. Things like jewellery, headpieces and shoes shouldn't take away from your look, but sometimes the choices might seem l