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    What is the difference between Place Cards and Escort Cards?

    If you are planning your wedding, you may be stuck with the decision of selecting escort cards or place cards for your reception.  Even though these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they actually have two distinct meanings. It’s important for you to have a clear understanding of the dif

    5 Tips to make your Wedding memorable

    Weddings are one of the most memorable times for couples. It is a celebration of love and every couple wants their wedding to be a special and memorable one. Along with the couples, it is a perfect time for all the family members and friends to come together and rejoice. With quite a few resources t

    Wedding Dates to avoid in 2018 and 2019

    Are you ready to set your wedding date? Check through this list to see if your date may be one to avoid! Firstly check your own calendar for birthdays, family weddings, anniversaries and other events that may involve your family or close friends. Secondly, check for public holidays in the state you

    Top 5 Engagement Ring Designs

    Proposing to your love is a most special day. It is followed by a perfect ring to bind the two in an unbreakable bond of love. Love is bliss. As the ring is for someone special in your life, it has to be perfect.  This makes the right selection of the engagement ring important for you both. The ring



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