Useful Tips When Planning an Engagement Party

Congratulations are in order — your partner got down on one knee, and now you have a sparkling rock on your finger. That's a good enough excuse to round up family and friends for a much-deserved celebration! Most folks don't have experience putting together huge events, and an engagement party serve

Wedding Guest Outfit Guide:

Perfect Looks For A Garden Wedding Here are two pretty great things in your life right now: 1) you’re looking pretty cute today 2) you get to go to a lovely, flowery garden wedding. Yay for you! A garden wedding usually means a fresh outdoor setting, a flower bar for the guests to enjoy, and an endl

How to Welcome a Dog into Married Life?

Dogs are a big part of a family. They are legit family members, and you can’t put them away just because you are making vows with another person. There comes a time when you need to make crucial decisions in life. But does it mean that you can’t find a way out? So, what happens when you want to get

How to Make Your Wedding Ceremony Unique

Your wedding day is your day. Do not hand it out to anyone. Perplexed? Well, what I mean here is, do not let those boring traditions or customs steal away the glory and excitement of your big day. Instead, snap out and step out. Take the matter into your own heads and carefully plan your wedding jus