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    Do I need a Plan B for an Outdoor Wedding?

    This is the most asked question when it comes to planning an Outdoor Wedding and, of course, the answer is a resounding YES. I don’t know how many times I have heard ‘it won’t rain on my Wedding Day’ or ‘if it rains we will just put up with it’.  There are no sensible reasons to not have a Plan B. [

    Top 5 event venues in Melbourne

    There are so many gorgeous event venues in Melbourne to choose from, however, we have chosen our top 5 to help you with finding the perfect venue for your next event. 1.  Alfred Place by Rockpool is located in one of Melbourne’s most historic laneways and is Rockpool Dining Group’s first dedicated e

    4 ways to elope without upsetting family and friends

    At Circle of Love, our passion is weddings, however not everyone wants their wedding day to be a large affair; so, eloping is a popular option. To elope means to run away secretly in order to get married, however, it doesn’t have to be a secret anymore. Eloping can save money and stress and is a ver

    Top 7 questions to ask your Venue before booking

    We use venues for all types of events, from weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, right through to charity or corporate events. Here are our top 7 questions to ask your venue before booking. What is the capacity of the venue?  Always choose a venue that will comfortably host your guests an