Top Wedding Venues in Brisbane City

Brisbane city is a remarkable location to host your wedding, with some of the most prestigious wedding venues located overlooking Brisbane river. The iconic Brisbane city culture has a lot to offer. We have had the privilege to have planned, designed and styled some glamorous and unique weddings at

What is a Baby Naming Ceremony?

A Baby Naming ceremony is usually held to celebrate the arrival and naming of a new baby.  Mostly they are held at the same time as a 1st Birthday Party. A Celebrant performs a non-religious Ceremony where the child is welcomed into the family and the wider community.  The parents make promises, gra

Spring | One Of Brisbane City’s Iconic Wedding Venues

Inside Spring - One of Brisbane City's most prestige and iconic wedding venues Located in the heart of Brisbane City stands a restaurant reception wedding venue made for LOVE and ROMANCE! [caption id="attachment_8114" align="alignnone" width="640"] The Decor[/caption] At the heart and soul of Spring

DIY Wedding Planner Professional | Setting Up of Décor

Kylie Williams Photography Above: Ellie & Stefan Summit Restaurant Wedding Venue Brisbane - DIY Wedding Planner Professional Experience “Do It Yourself” projects have become insanely popular, with the explosion of Pinterest and social media feeds of late. Not only do the brides see it as a way o