10 Tips for Being the Best Maid of Honour

Being the Maid of Honour is fantastic! You are the bride's support and will have various responsibilities at her wedding. You are primarily asked to be a partner in crime as before, to be honest, brave and sometimes to solve a problem before it appears so that your best friend would not get annoyed.

5 Reasons You Should Write Your Own Vows

Wedding trends are constantly changing, and celebrations are becoming brighter and more unique. Modern couples believe that the traditional promises are insufficient to express the full range of their emotions to each other. As a result, most are writing their own vows, carefully prepared before the

What the Groom should do in the build-up to their Wedding Day

A wedding day can be both exciting and nervous. Being excited about the future you’re about to start but also hoping everything goes just as planned. As the big day starts to approach you want to get all the details in order and attempt to relax so you aren’t stressing out on your wedding day. You m

 How to Pick a Honeymoon Destination:

 10 Tips to Help Narrow It Down  With the abundance of luxury and dreamy honeymoon places and resorts all around, it could become a bit too challenging to settle for just one place. From the Maldives to Bali and Paris to Sydney. There’s so much to look into and so much to do! And since this is going