Never Make These Mistakes in a Wedding Speech

If you are going to speak at a wedding reception; then chances are that you are looking for wedding speech advice. You can find tons of advice on the Internet on things to say and points to tell. You will read mostly the things you know about such as prepare yourself, rehearse yourself, etc. However

7 Ways to Decorate Your Home as a Couple and Enjoy It

Decorating your home can be frustrating, but decorating a home with a partner can be even more frustrating. However, that might not always be the case, and today we are going to prove it by giving you some tips for the stress-free house moving and decoration as a couple. [caption id="attachment_2777

Tips to Announce Your Big Day

Sending out save the date cards is essential as people are busy and often held up by various events, activities, among other commitments. It’s particularly more important if your wedding date falls around any major event or holiday. With this invitation, your family and friends will appreciate your

How To Track RSVPs For Your Wedding

What is an RSVP?  Well, it’s a fancy abbreviation for the way you ask guests if they’re coming to your wedding or not. Usually, an RSVP card is mailed together with each invitation. After you send the mail, you only need to sit back and just wait for your prospective guests to reply. That’s pretty e