7 Tips for Hosting Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

The majority of families don't have the luxury of living together in the same town. Jobs and other factors pull them to different cities and states, but they all return home when it's time for a wedding. It's so special when family members drive or fly back to attend your wedding. It isn't easy to t

10 Wedding Food Station Ideas That Will WOW Your Guests

When brides used to research which catering companies to work with for their reception, it used to be all about food. The wedding food you serve at your reception is still important, but there has been a popular trend among the bridal community that's taken off in recent years. Have you thought abou

8 Ways Planning a Same-Sex Wedding is Different to a Traditional Wedding

You two have endured the test of time and proved your love for each other and finally, you have decided to exchange vows. What about giving this special day, a unique touch! [caption id="attachment_24578" align="alignnone" width="320"] Source: Shutterstock[/caption] Here we have 8 of the best ideas

7 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Wedding

Weddings are an exciting time of life. Everyone travels from all around the country and maybe even the world to celebrate the love between two people. It's a great moment to come together and have fun with your loved ones, but not everyone can afford to do that at a five-star venue that charges thou