Wedding Gift-Giving Etiquette

With invitations constantly pouring in, you may be wondering what is expected of you to help celebrate the big day. What to buy and how much to spend are common concerns for all wedding attendees, and wedding etiquette can quite often be a confusing formality. To help you find the perfect and most a

5 Camera Drone Ideas for Your Wedding

There’s nothing quite like capturing the perfect wedding shot. With drones becoming an increasingly popular investment for videographers and wedding photographers, the options are endless. Drones cover a huge area, and they offer all kinds of incredible photo opportunities. Here are some of the best

10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Wedding Planning

Your wedding may be the day that you’ve been dreaming up since you were a small child, full of picturesque scenes and a stunning dress to match. But it’s not uncommon for married couples to regret at least a few aspects of their wedding day. Knowing as much as you can of what can go wrong and how to

The Perfect Diet for Great Wedding Day Skin

Imagine this—it’s the morning of your wedding day and you wake up with a huge zit right in the middle of your face. Not a very pretty sight, is it? The day when we’re supposed to be at our happiest and most confident is not really the time we want to be worrying about dull skin, zits, wrinkles, or a