Tips to Announce Your Big Day

Sending out save the date cards is essential as people are busy and often held up by various events, activities, among other commitments. It’s particularly more important if your wedding date falls around any major event or holiday. With this invitation, your family and friends will appreciate your

How To Track RSVPs For Your Wedding

What is an RSVP?  Well, it’s a fancy abbreviation for the way you ask guests if they’re coming to your wedding or not. Usually, an RSVP card is mailed together with each invitation. After you send the mail, you only need to sit back and just wait for your prospective guests to reply. That’s pretty e

How to Choose the Best Diamond Engagement Ring?

Choosing a diamond engagement ring can be a tedious task, especially when you are a first-time buyer. To determine the best diamond ring, you need to narrow down the diamonds according to their shape and size. You can find diamonds in different shapes, such as round, cushion cut, and rectangular. Ro

6 Things Not To Write In Wedding Invitations

Finally, you have taken the next step in your relationship. All the time spent dating has led to this one shining moment in destiny. In simple terms, you’re getting married! You are excited - as you should be. The plans are in full swing and everything is setting up just perfectly. Even though the e