6 Factors That Make You Happy In Marriage

“Love is not enough” - these are the first words you would likely hear if you ever asked a couple to give you marriage advice. And sincerely, truer words have never been spoken. To stay in a marriage, you need more than love. Even people looking to find a wife online need help with ways to stay toge

5 Cards to Congratulate Newlyweds

Sometimes it’s tricky coming up with the right words for a wedding card. If your friend, kids, or parents are tying the knot, crafting a warm and touching message can be especially tough since there are a lot of emotions that surround these types of occasions. To help you better find the right thing

Best Accessories for Your Dog as a Ring Bearer

There is always time for love and a role for your dog to play on your big day. Sure, he or she may not be able to be a successful bridesmaid or groomsman by delivering a heartfelt toast, but your dogs can definitely participate in the festivities as the ring bearer. As fellow dog lovers, there is re

Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

It seems that in the past buying an engagement ring was a much simpler task. After all, there weren’t many choices. You could pick either a princess or emerald cut, and decide whether you want a ring with white or yellow gold. That was it! Nowadays, there are so many options to choose from, so the w