Best Tips for a Frugal Yet Majestic Wedding

We definitely live in expensive times, so it’s no surprise that many couples tend to skip the wedding altogether in order to save money on more important expenses such as buying their first home or raising a family.

Even though that’s perfectly understandable, sometimes it’s a shame to skip your own wedding simply because of a lack of money. So, if you’re looking to tie the knot on a budget, here are some tips that will help you have a fabulous wedding without spending too much:

1. Ask a friend to photograph the event

A lot of soon-to-be-newlyweds opt for hiring a professional photographer because everybody wants perfect photos of their big day. But, professional photos cost money, and they often look too polished and staged. If you’re looking to document your wedding in the best possible way, then it’s better to ask your camera-savvy friends to casually photograph the event. Many people love and know how to take truly stunning photos with their phone cameras, so it would be too bad to miss that chance in favour of overpaid and over-edited professional photos.

2. Be creative with your wedding attire

Who says that you must spend a fortune on your wedding gown and matching shoes? If you consider yourself a laid back individual, then it would be completely in contrast with your character, to show up in an elegant and puffy wedding dress. Instead, there are various options to pick from, and also, you don’t even need to get married in a dress. You can also choose an elegant white suit or a breezy summer dress. If you still want some elegance, you can always decorate your hair with a flower crown or other bridal hair accessories.

3. Work to a budget

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Having a savings goal and planning ahead are the best ways to ensure smart spending habits to save for your upcoming wedding.  The obvious solution is to try and keep to a budget.  There are many things to factor in, look here for a checklist and some suggestions.

4. Don’t have a big reception

Weddings are costly, that’s a fact, and in order to be nice to everyone, people are expected to throw huge wedding receptions that can cost more than someone’s yearly salary. So, if you’re looking to have a frugal wedding, you should opt for a more intimate atmosphere, so choose a smaller venue and invite only those who matter to you. There’s no point in inviting your co-workers if you don’t interact with them outside of work. Similarly, inviting distant relatives who you haven’t spoken to in years is only going to make for one overcrowded wedding party. Life’s too short to worry about offending others, especially if you’re planning a meaningful event, such as your wedding reception.

5. Don’t spend too much on food

Food is sometimes the crucial aspect of the reception, but if you’re planning a modest wedding, you could spend less on complicated meals and many dinner courses, and focus more on providing your guests with food that’s tasty and filling. Having two or three dishes can be more than enough. Also, you can buy your own alcohol, but don’t forget to check with the venue beforehand, so you won’t end up spending money in vain. Having expensive champagne for the main toast is great, but after that, you can switch to cheaper wine and other alcoholic drinks.

6. Keep your cake simple

A wedding cake is the highlight of every wedding reception, but if you’re organizing a smaller wedding, then there is no need to spend a fortune on the multiple-tier cake with handmade frostings and expensive moulded shapes. Keep your cake simple and tasty, instead of fondant, you can opt for a buttercream frosting as it’s less expensive, yet equally delicious. If you consider yourself crafty, you can make your own cake decorations.

7. Skip the invitations

Wedding invitations can be an elegant way to announce your upcoming wedding, but if you’re planning a frugal wedding, then skipping them might be a good choice. Instead, opt for email invitations and make sure to ask your guests to RSVP you through email or text. Similarly, making your own wedding invitations can save you a lot. If you have better ways to spend that money, then feel free to skip the invitations.


A wedding doesn’t have to be expensive, so if you’re lacking funds, don’t despair. Instead, focus on spending your day with people you love, in a smaller venue of your choice. After all, in twenty years no one will remember your lavish party, but they surely remember the great time they had there.