Best Personalized Gifts For Groomsmen They’ll Actually Use

Need some groomsmen gift ideas? We’ve got you covered. One of the most important parts of planning your big day is planning what you are going to give those guys standing by you throughout this whole process. You not only want to get them something but you want it to be thoughtful and meaningful. That’s the best gift ultimately. Below are a few ideas that are not only unique in and of themselves but that you can also customize and make personal.



Watches, who doesn’t use them? And even if they don’t wear one now most people would, especially when given as a gift. This makes watches a great and unique gift idea that they can also wear every day! How cool is that? You can get a variety of different styles. This also gives you the opportunity to personalize them if you wish.

You can go even further and have them engraved. You could put the wedding date or something small on the back and allow that person to remember your big day each time they put it on. Fossil has a selection of watches that you could choose from to customize for those special guys.

Personalized Gentlemen’s Gift Set

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Nothing makes a man look more executive and sophisticated than adding some accessories to his outfit. This personalized gentleman’s gift set is essential to any man that wants to achieve a dapper look. It includes a tie clip, money clip, and cufflinks. Each of these items is specially personalized.

What makes this gift even more spectacular is that the entire set is housed in a handcrafted wooden box that is also customized. Any groomsmen that receive this gift will be in awe at just how many parts there are. All three of the accessories match as well, so you can wear them all at once to enhance you or your groomsmen’s’ style even further.

Custom Blankets


Who doesn’t love a good blanket to snuggle up with? Honestly though! Most people say that regardless of how many blankets they have they can never have enough. With this gift idea, you can add your own personal touch to make the blanket more unique.

Shutterfly allows you to select what type or style of blanket you want as well as what size you’d want. Then you can add pictures or even put the wording on the blanket. I wouldn’t necessarily include a picture of you and the bride but would put a picture of the two of you. That makes the gift more meaningful to them. 

Custom Hats


I’m sure most of the guys in your life wear hats. Maybe not daily, though some do, but at least whenever the weather permits or for certain occasions. Regardless hats are common and something useful. So why not gift one for those guys in your wedding party? But even better you can personalize them! CustomInk iSelections has a large selection of different style hats and patterns or colours to choose from.

You could make a unique hat for each guy or you can get everyone the same hat. This would give everyone someone to laugh about and wear all together in the future to create even more memories that are originally rooted in your memory of your wedding day.

Personalized Cologne Set


Wait wait, you can’t personalize cologne… actually yes, you can! How neat is that? The aptly named retailer allows you to select the different scents and at what degree you want them at. The process is very easy and fun at the same time. Even better, right? You can select what you want the base smell to be. After that, you select mid notes and then top notes. Each of these evaporates at a different rate. This is why picking different combinations at those three different levels make a unique smell each time. This is a very different gift idea.

You can get all of them the same scent or you could create a separate one for each of the guys. This is something they can keep for years to come and wear and remember you by. The likelihood that this gift would be repeated is slim as most people don’t even know that customized cologne is a thing. You can put their names on the bottles or even the wedding date or simply label the scent of the cologne. They also come in a wooden box for you to gift them in. This is a gift idea that I’m sure would make it hard for them to forget you and your bride.

Groomsmen’s gifts don’t have to be generic or common. But even if you really like the idea of something you can usually find something online that would allow you to personalize the item. Personalizing a gift takes it to the next level. Not only in appearance but also with the amount of meaning and thought behind it. This makes any gift worthy of giving and receiving. I’m sure the guys would love anything you give them but taking the time to pick out something special and make it even more special with personalizing it shows them just how important they really are.