Best Bridesmaid Flowers for Every Season

When planning a wedding, choosing the right flowers is a must.  While there are thousands of different flowers out there, certain types go better with specific seasons.  For some bouquet inspiration, ProFlowers put together the following bridesmaid bouquet ideas for every season.

Flowers for Spring Bouquets

If your special day is in the season of new beginnings, bold blooms will do your bouquets well.  With mild, comfortable weather and bright, beautiful flowers all around, Spring makes a great time for weddings.  Here are some suggestions to liven up a spring bouquet:

  • Peonies: These iconic flowers are known for blooming in the Spring. Whether you’re searching for a pink, red, orange, or yellow flower, peonies come in all different colours.  If you’re looking to have a bold bouquet, pair peonies with pink roses, sweet peas, or gardenias.
  • Orchids: Orchids are classy, purple flowers that go perfectly with a Spring wedding. If you choose this flower as a focal point, pair purple anemones, ranunculus, or dahlias with them for a gorgeous combination.
  • Tie in Ribbons: Tying in ribbons with your bouquets is a great way to make them stand out. Ribbons go particularly well with hydrangeas, roses, and sunflowers.


Flowers for Summer Bouquets

There are numerous bright blooms that complement the Summer sunshine.  Whether you are looking to go bold with sunflowers or want a more tropical vibe with marigolds and roses, there are plenty of flower options that harmonise with a Summer wedding.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Wildflowers: Adding wildflowers into the mix can make for a dreamy bouquet.  They work best for garden and country weddings.  Some of the best wildflowers to include are poppies and bellflowers.
  • Yellow and Gold Hues: When your brilliant, golden flowers complement the sun, it makes for a joyous vibe.  To this end, you should include sunflowers and marigolds to make your arrangements pop.
  • Add Succulents: These plants complement almost any flower arrangement. The green tones of succulents add a unique flair to your bouquet that will have your guests in awe.  Flowers that go particularly well with this plant include white roses, dahlias, and peonies.


Flowers for Autumn Bouquets

As the weather cools and summer winds down, Autumn makes for a perfect wedding season.  To make your bouquets match the occasion, you’ll want to use earthy tones and warm colours.  Here are some suggestions for a memorable Autumn bouquet:

  • Use Earthy Tones: To add a natural feel to your wedding, earthy tones are a must.  They add romance to and are particularly complementary to outdoor celebrations.   Our favourite earth-toned flowers are ranunculus, brown roses, and tulips.
  • Go Rustic: With some neutral tones, you can add a comfy feel to your fall wedding. Using dark flowers to contrast lighter shades can work well for a rustic theme.  To achieve this look, you’ll want to include dusty millers and garden roses.
  • Add Pampas Grass: The addition of pampas grass makes for a perfect finishing touch to your bouquets. Flowers that complement pampas grass include white hydrangeas and cream roses.  Pampas grass may be illegal in your state but you can purchase faux stems.


Flowers for Winter Bouquets

When the holiday season rolls around there’s nothing better than putting together bouquets with icy tones and cool colours.  Depending on where you are, the weather may vary from being overcast to being a Winter wonderland covered in snow.  This means your flower choice may vary.  That being said, here are some of our Wintertime flower suggestions:

  • Incorporate Cool Tones: For an icy feel, you’ll want to choose blue, grey, and purple flowers. This can work especially well if it’s snowing at your particular location.  For a cool bouquet, you will want to include irises, periwinkles, and delphiniums.
  • Use Green: Adding green colours and textures to your arrangements makes for a natural, elegant look. Some flowers that make for a stunning green bouquet are dusty millers, eucalyptus, and green sunflowers.
  • Go All White: To complement the bride’s dress and the winter season, an all-white bouquet is a way to go. To bring this bouquet together, add calla lilies, orchids, and snowdrops.


Planning floral arrangements for your wedding can be overwhelming, but don’t let it stress you out too much.  Mix and match flowers to find out what look you like best.  Using the above suggestions, your bouquets are sure to impress your guests all around.