Best Accessories for Your Dog as a Ring Bearer

There is always time for love and a role for your dog to play on your big day. Sure, he or she may not be able to be a successful bridesmaid or groomsman by delivering a heartfelt toast, but your dogs can definitely participate in the festivities as the ring bearer.

As fellow dog lovers, there is really nothing that gets the “oohs” and “awws” going much like your dog strutting down the aisle in a tux or dress carrying the ring. So what do you need to make this dream come true? Let’s take a look.

Pets at Weddings


  1. The Outfit

It’s all about the outfit! If you want to catch the attention of everyone in attendance, then make sure your dog looks the part. You can dress your pooch to match the handler, presumably a family or friend that will walk with your dog down the aisle. If you have a well-trained pup, then the spotlight is all on him, so you want to make sure he is dressed to the nines.

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For females, there are plenty of frilly dresses embellished with bows, sparkles and lace that you can look into. We would suggest choosing a colour that matches the theme of the wedding or the bridesmaid dresses. However, we’ve seen plenty of couples choose to have their dog stand out in a burst of colour with a neon tux or rainbow dress.

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  1. The Lead 

Speaking of walking down the aisle, aside from rigorous practice before the big day, you need the right leash or good-to-go head halter to minimize your troubles. Even if you trained your dog well, there is no telling if he or she might steal the show by grabbing onto a garland and running away with it.

While this may be quite the story to tell, we imagine it isn’t the most ideal situation. By using a leash or head halter, your dog will get from one end of the aisle to the other without any issue.

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  1. The Accessory

The accessory is perhaps the most crucial part of your dog’s outfit that day. Think about how you want your pooch to carry the ring. Some popular methods include tying the ring on a bowtie collar for boys or fastening it to a flower collar or headband for girls. This is adorable, but the chances of losing the ring in case it snags or if your dog tries to untie the accessory will increase. There may even be a chance your dog could ingest your precious rings!

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Fastening it onto your dog’s outfit will also take time to undo and take away from the effect of your vows. Another option that is easy and convenient is keeping the rings in a basket and having your dog carry them in his or her mouth as they walk towards you.

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The latter method will require some training prior to the big day, but we wouldn’t recommend choosing this way if your fur baby is extra hyperactive and easily distracted.

Tips for Getting Your Dog Ready for the Big Day

 If only our fur babies did whatever we asked when we asked them. While this can be frustrating, we can’t deny that it’s part of their charm. So what can we do to make decrease accidents and mishaps during the ceremony?

Is Your Dog Right for the Job

Don’t get us wrong, of course, your fur baby is wonderful, but not all pups are cut out to perform such a monumental task. Some dogs are prone to nervousness or just love the attention too much they will want to say hi to every single person in the crowd. Then there are the velcro dogs who will tear down to aisle to get to his beloved parents regardless of what’s going on and who’s holding him.

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Make sure you take an honest look at your dog and decide if he or she is able to handle it. If not, there are other ways to include your sweet pooch, such as posing for photos and being the life of the party.

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We can’t stress the importance of training your dog in a crowded setting. You may have to populate the seats with friends and family during rehearsal just to help your dog feel more comfortable. Try to also include people your dog isn’t familiar with to see how he reacts to strangers in the audience.

Like regular training, walking down the aisle will take time, patience, consistency, and plenty of positive reinforcement!

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There Needs to be a Handler

 A trusted friend or family member will need to be responsible for your pooch. Your dog will have everyone’s attention for about 10 minutes, what is he or she going to do for the beginning and the rest of the day? This is why he needs a human companion to keep him in check.

Another idea is to have someone leave to grab your dog before the ceremony starts and leave to return him home for the rest of the day. We know, you would rather have your dog with you on the happiest day of your life, but think about things from your pup’s perspective.

He may get bored or want to get to you. A dog in that state of mind can be disruptive, which is not helpful at all. Luckily, we have another suggestion that could rectify the situation. Depending on where you are hosting the wedding, maybe you could consider fencing or roping off an area just for dogs and encourage guests to bring theirs!

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Not only will it be a party for people but dogs as well!


Most dog owners hope their fur babies can be a part of such a significant event. Just being in photos may not be enough, but don’t worry, they can be a part of the procession if you follow our tips. Have someone be responsible for your dog on the day, put in adequate training time, and have fun picking out adorable outfits!