Benefits of Having Wedding Security

There are many parts to planning a wedding that brides might overlook because they’re so busy. While you’re coordinating venue tours and taste testing dates, you also have to start problem-solving. Anything could happen during the happiest day of your life, so read about the benefits of having wedding security to decide if it’s something that would give you peace of mind.

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1. It Controls the Crowd

All of your favourite people will be at your wedding to support your marriage. They’ll cheer after you say your vows and dance the night away to your favourite music. They could also accidentally have one glass too many and get a little rowdy. A security team will remain unnoticed along the edges of the crowd, but they’ll stop any drunken brawls or drama if they occur.

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2. It Prevents Wedding Crashers

Even though you’ll send invitations, you never know who could show up at your venue. Exes or old friends you don’t speak to anymore might find out about the event through a shared acquaintance or social media. You could ask a guest to handle the wedding crashers for you, but they haven’t learned how to de-escalate. Professional security teams can remove anyone you don’t want at your ceremony without fail.

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3. It Protects the Property

Speak with your wedding venue owner about installing security cameras as a long-term investment. They’ll make your wedding safer and improve their business. Exterior and interior property cameras increase employee productivity through constant surveillance, ensuring that everyone’s actions meet business standards and maximize their time on the clock. The initial cost will pay off in happier clients and a better company reputation.

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4. It Ensures Your Deposit

Many brides have to pay a security deposit when locking down their big day. You might get that money back if the event goes off without a hitch. Security guards will stop intoxicated people from spilling drinks or breaking things. If your contract includes the promise of a refund, you’ll save money by having wedding security.

5. It Guards the Parking Lot

Plenty of major cities become dream destinations for brides, but some places have higher crime rates than others. Hiring security guards to watch your parking lot and installing cameras to record the entire day will prevent your guests from losing valuables they leave behind while attending your ceremony.


6. It Provides an Emergency Response

Security guards know how to revive people with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in case of an emergency. They’ll also have phones on hand to call 000 if something happens. You won’t need to keep your phone in your dress or worry about the wellbeing of your guests with security on standby. Whether someone chokes during dinner or passes out from a medical emergency, trained personnel will be seconds away from assisting.

Consider Having Wedding Security

There are numerous benefits to having wedding security, so see if these tips could solve any of your planning stresses. Cameras could record the day and be the reason you get your security deposit back. Security professionals could save the ceremony by blocking wedding crashers. Talk about the benefits with your partner to decide what’s right for your big day.

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