Beautiful Aussie Wine Regions For A Perfect Wedding

Every bride and groom want the perfect wedding. Beautiful scenery, tasty food, delicious wine, and all the people you love in the same place. Out of all the places in the world, Australia is the perfect country to have the wedding of your dreams. There’s nothing more beautiful than untouched Aussie nature, nothing tastier than our fine cuisine, and nothing better than a fine Australian glass of wine. Your perfect wedding venue is just around the corner. Take a peek into Australia’s most beautiful wine regions and find perfection waiting for you.


1. Sophistication at its finest at Tamborine

Queensland might be the most lavish part of Australia, and Tamborine just proves that. Those looking for a real winery wedding will have the best time here, as the region is proud to display their amazing collections of wine and show off their sophisticated and prestigious grounds.

The idyllic venues are only matched by the tasty wine that leaves almost everyone speechless. You’ll also have plenty of picture-perfect moments so that you can remember this day in its full glory.


2. Picture Perfect in Upper Swan

Western Australia doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the Southern and Eastern regions, but it’s just as beautiful. Located near Perth, Upper Swan just proves that. There are a lot of wineries and resorts you can find here, allowing you to truly have the wedding of your dreams. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, it’s best to opt for the winery with the most prestigious grounds and gorgeous backdrops. In such a location, you’ll also get to have an amazing wedding photoshoot.

You will be able to hold your reception at the same location, taste some amazing wines, and enjoy the moments for as long as they last without fear that you’ll have to leave the venue in a hurry

3. At the top of the world in Yarra Valley

Where better to get married than at the top of the world? Yarra Valley is home to a lot of vineyards, but this region is good for more than just wine tours. At the top of a hill in Yarra Valley, you’ll find The Riverstone Estate Winery which offers you amazing views across the whole region. For the whole day, you’ll get to enjoy the serenity of the green hill, the fine wine, and the fact that you have all the privacy in the world.

If you thought the region couldn’t become more beautiful, you were wrong. As the sun starts to set, the Valley absorbs the golden shade of the sun and gives a whole new meaning to serenity and romance. Let the wind flow through your hair and veil, kiss your loved one with the sweet taste of wine on your lips, and realize that you’ve never been happier than in that perfect moment.


4. One with nature in The Hunter Valley

If you want to connect with nature on a deeper level on your wedding day, The Hunter Valley is your region. Getting to know the heart of nature in this wine region is possible because of the magnificent scenery the region offers. The overlapping hills of green of the most beautiful shade and vineyards that stand atop of them will be the most impressive feature of the destination. They’ll make an amazing backdrop for your wedding photos, especially when the sun is just at the right angle.

Another reason why a wedding in The Hunter Valley is so romantic is, of course, the wine. This is one of Australia’s oldest and most traditional wine regions which means you’ll get to serve something that your guests have never had the opportunity to taste before. Crafted with lots of care and love, Hunter Valley wine is the perfect symbol for your relationship, so raise a glass with your guests and drink in happiness.

5. Europe in The Shadowfax Winery

Even though The Shadowfax Winery is located near Melbourne, the scenery and style of the region could very well make you believe you’re in Italy. This is the perfect choice for those who want to combine Australian beauty with Italian culture. The venue is best for rustic wedding themes. As well as that, it creates an intimate atmosphere, so it’s also perfect for couples who don’t have a lot of guests and like their privacy.

You’ll get to use the beautiful garden of the winery for your wedding, but don’t worry, there’s also a backup plan in case of wet weather. In that case, you’ll get to have your wedding in the wine cellar of the venue. This part of the winery also serves as a space for the bridal party, so you’ll always have a place to freshen up.



Australia is waiting for you with open arms to show you its serene beauty and introduce you to the traditional fine wines of its regions. Whatever region you opt for, you can be sure that your wedding venue will offer everything you and your partner are looking for. A couple with a taste for fine wine will definitely make the right decision if they decide to get married in any of Australia’s wine regions.