Basic Wedding Etiquette Every Guest Should Follow

For a person in love, there is nothing more memorable and exciting than the wedding. This is the day when you publicly commit to your significant other and vow to be there for this person and support him or her. Obviously, couples dream that this day goes smoothly so that newlyweds and their guests remember this celebration forever.


The wedding industry has grown in Australia over the last decade. Weddings have become more expensive but also more stylish, with every couple trying to add something innovative into their planning. However, some general rules are being passed on from generation to generation these are called wedding etiquette. They demand something from both sides – a happy couple and guests.

Here are some of the most common wedding etiquette rules that guests should follow:

  • RSVP

It may seem old-fashioned but most couples actually wait for your RSVP card. Couples pay a lot of attention to their wedding invitations, looking for the best design as well as Googling “custom writing services” and ordering their services to provide excellent and engaging content. The desire to get a formal response is normal as they base their catering and seating on the number of guests attending. Some brides and grooms-to-be even design RSVP cards, so all you need to do is fill it in and send it back.


  • Be on Time

Weddings usually start later than the invitation says. So, if you are late, it means you are double late. This can really irritate some people and is disrespectful. It is better to show up early rather than be snuck into the ceremony a few minutes late, especially during the vows. It can not only ruin the moment for the couple but also disturb the guests.

Source: Matt Davis Photography

  • You +1

If your invitation does not specifically mention that you can bring someone to the ceremony with you, wedding rules and etiquette suggest that you should not do this. Your friends might not be aware that you date someone, and they do not want strangers on their love-filled day. Please respect their wish and come alone. If you really want to take your significant other, you should introduce him or her to the couple before their wedding.

  • White

For some, it goes without saying, but others do not seem to know the rule that white should belong to the bride only. It is mauvais ton (bad manners) if a guest wears the bride’s colour.


  • Adults Only

To honour the bride and groom’s wishes, you need to come without kids if all guests are specifically asked to do this. If a couple decides to throw a party and has only their friends and family without their offspring, this is their right to do. On their end, it should be properly mentioned following the wedding invitation etiquette, and you should respect this wish.


  • Do Not Propose to Your Girlfriend

It may sound and look romantic, and your girlfriend would definitely love it, but it is actually a crime against the bride and groom. This day should be completely about them, and all the attention should be on them. Any act that can actually steal this attention can end badly and ruin the entire celebration.

  • Follow the Dress Code

One of the most critical parts of the wedding invitation is the clause about the dress code. If the bride and groom have a stylish wedding with a certain theme, they most likely will demand some specific dress code. If you decide to break it, you will spoil the pictures and might even ruin the atmosphere. Therefore, you may even need to go the extra mile and buy a new suit or dress.


  • Gifts Should not Be Big

Bringing gifts that the bride and groom can hardly hold in their hands is also against the rules. Your gift should be easy to carry. Otherwise, you can ask the couple if they are registered with a certain shop so that your gift could be shipped to their apartment directly. Bringing something as big as a washing machine to the wedding is not a good idea.


  • Moving Tables

If your name is assigned to a specific table, it has been done on purpose. You cannot change tables if you want to sit with some friends. When the official part is over, you can sit near your friends to have a chat, but your place should always be at the table mentioned either in the invitation or at the venue.


  • Drinking Too Much Is Not Allowed

Cocktails and alcohol serve only to cheer you up. Too much drinking can cause serious problems for you and for the wedding itself. Moreover, if you generally feel bad after drinking, it is better to refrain from it. There are plenty of non-alcoholic options you can have rather than put the wedding ceremony at risk.

Wedding etiquette is not something people can choose to follow or not. It has existed for hundreds of years and has gone through changes and modifications but still remains critical. Wedding rules play an important part in ensuring that a couple and their guests are satisfied with the event. As a guest, you should make sure that the way you look and behave does not compromise the bride and groom. Following some simple wedding etiquette requirements, will ensure a good time for all.