Backyard Beauty: DIY Weddings

If you’re someone who is looking for a no-frills approach to your wedding, a DIY backyard celebration just may be the ideal option for you. DIY weddings are an incredibly fun event to organise and allow you to customise your special day to suit your needs to a tee (and often on a minimal budget). Of course, any DIY event comes with its own set of challenges which is why today we are having a look at the complete guide to DIY weddings. Follow these steps and you’ll be guaranteed an amazing wedding surrounded by loved ones in the comfort of your own home. Read on to find out more.

1.   Prepare For All Conditions

If you live in a city such as Melbourne where weather conditions seem to have a mind of its own, it is important that you ensure you are prepared for all conditions on your special day. The best way to avoid any potential disasters on your special day is to hire a marquee that you can set up in your backyard. A marquee provides not just shelter from the elements but also is a nice touch that you can customise to suit the overall theme of your DIY wedding. Marquees allow guests to be protected from rain and the harsh sun, ensuring that everyone is comfortable for the entire duration of your event, come rain or shine!

2.     Look Into The Legalities

If you’re planning on hosting your wedding at home, it is important that you liaise with your local council to ensure that you have the necessary permits and permission to host such an event at home. It is important that you look into noise ordinances, health department regulations, fire codes and any potential zoning issues in your area. If you plan to hire vendors such as DJs or entertainers, it is important that you make sure all the paperwork is done and that you have been given the green light well in advance.

3.     Ensure Sufficient Parking

The last thing you want on your special day is for your guests to be unable to find parking in your area. This is one of the main challenges that comes with hosting a DIY home or backyard wedding. When looking into street parking in the area, it is important that you pay attention to time limits or potential permit based parking lots in order to ensure guests don’t end up with a hefty fine. If you are lacking in parking spots for your entire guest list, you may want to consider hiring a bus or valet service that will be able to park guests cars in a nearby open lot.


4.     Tend To Your Lawn

If you’re hosting your wedding in your backyard or garden, tending to your lawn should be number one on your to-do list. If you want your special day to be full of flora and fauna, it is important that you plant them as early as possible to ensure that they are in full bloom when your big day arrives. Since your entire backyard will be on display, we highly recommend hiring a gardener or lawnmower who will be able to give your space a smarter and more manicured look. Hiring a landscaper may also prove to be beneficial as they will be able to ensure that your plants and lawn look picture perfect for your special day.

5.     Light It Up

Nothing is more magical than a wedding full of beautiful fairy lights, lanterns and candles. Since you’re hosting your very own DIY backyard wedding, you have the privilege of choosing the exact kind of lighting you want.

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We recommend that you think out of the box and go a little wild with your lighting options. If your wedding is going to continue into the night, we also recommend ensuring that you have sufficient lighting in your garden area so that people can see clearly and no one ends up tripping over a flower pot.

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6.      Send Your Guests Off With a Full Belly

Last but certainly by no means least – the food. No wedding is complete without a delicious array of food and drink. Hosting a DIY wedding means that the menu is completely up to you! We recommend selecting options or catering foods that aren’t perishable and will be able to stay fresh outdoors. Some great options include sandwiches, pasta salads, pastries and cakes that won’t melt under the sun. The great thing about hosting your wedding at home is that you will have access to the refrigerator in your kitchen if you do end up serving any dishes or desserts that need to be kept cool. Variety is the spice of life, so go crazy with your menu!

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Hosting a DIY wedding needn’t be a stressful task. With a little planning and preparation, you’ll be able to celebrate your big day with close loved ones in the privacy of your own home. Sounds like the ideal celebration to us! Best of luck and congratulations on your union!

Authored by Marquee Monkeys Melbourne