Awesome Outfit Ideas for the Non-Traditional Bride

While there’s nothing wrong with traditional white wedding dresses, don’t think they are your only option when it comes to your bridal wear. Today, you can choose not only from the variety of different cuts and silhouettes but also opt for different colours and bold details. Sounds interesting? Here are some truly awesome outfit ideas for alternative brides.

Gown in Gentle Blue

Do you insist on wearing “something blue” for your wedding? Why not make that something your wedding dress! While pink and blush already had their debut as non-traditional bridal wear, new alternative brides are moving even further from the mainstream by choosing blue. This cool shade will really make waves on every wedding, so if you’re tired of regular bridal colours, go blue!

Pro tip: if going full-on blue is too much for you, you can opt for a blue silken ribbon for your waist.

Art Deco Inspired Dress

Can you believe it’s been six years since The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann came out? Well, even though the movie is not new, the trend of Art Deco is still going strong, especially among non-traditional brides. If you want to channel your inner Daisy and pay homage to the rebellious Jazz Age, you can opt for a flapper-inspired dress. Since the popularity of the film, you can find all sorts of opulent, glamorous and flashy dresses inspired by the Roaring Twenties. These vintage dresses will give you the freedom to be creative with everything from your silhouette to details and elaborate embellishments.

Pro tip: if you’re inspired by the more graceful side of the Art Deco movement, you can opt for a simple silk satin bias cut dress that will look elegant yet interesting.

A light and breezy look

If you’re super inspired by your latest tropical vacation or if you’re obsessing over your upcoming honeymoon, you probably want to incorporate the breezy vibe into your bridal look. While beach weddings aren’t anything special or out of the ordinary, you can spice up your look with extra flowy materials that will make you look like you’re embraced by a tropical breeze even in your closed venue.

Pro tip: In order to push your beach fantasy even further, opt for modern bridal shoes covered in pearls or lace—anything that’s sea-inspired and light. And the champagne colour is always a good choice since it will make you look like you have your toes in the sand!

Feather Fantasy

The Boho look might be on its way out, but alternative brides have found a new way to express their uniqueness—they went all out glam with feathers! Think layered skirts, embellishments and feathered ruffles. Luckily, if you really want to have a one-of-a-kind look, you can experiment as much as you want—feathers are perfect for it.

Pro tip: if you opt for this trend, don’t skimp. If you don’t include enough feathers into your look, your dress will have a cheap and shabby vibe. Go big, be dramatic and over-the-top to achieve that fully feathered fantasy! Accompany your look with minimal makeup to avoid looking costumey.

Bold Details

Remember, your wedding day is like your personal Oscars. You deserve to look your best and not hold back. While mainstream brides try to impress with lush flower arrangements, alternative brides choose bolder details better fit to their bold personalities. One thing you can do is give your look a touch of metal and accentuate your waist with a metallic belt.

Pro tip: if you want to go softer with your metallic look, embroidered metallic details on your gown will make you stand out in the best way possible.

Unexpected Cape

While capes aren’t exactly groundbreaking, the way you rock yours can be! You can look innovative and fresh walking down the aisle in a cocktail cape with ruffles, uber-sheer covering and or something full-length that will make you look regal and mysterious.

Pro tip: Capes are perfect for fall and winter weddings since they will not only make you look unique but also provide some coverage when the weather gets chilly.

Bold Florals

Brides and flowers go hand in hand, but they have never been this closely connected before. Forget about preppy lace flowers and go all in with bold 3D embroidery or intricate brocades.

Pro tip: gone are the times when your bridesmaids wore subtle prints and tonal blooms. Adorn your best girlfriends in wildflower-print dresses and you’ll all look like nature decided to bless your wedding with flowery gifts.

Wedding Jumpsuit

Are you a bride that’s not into dresses yet want to look chic in something other than a tux? Rejoice, because now you can celebrate your big day in a stylish jumpsuit.

Pro tip: Make things interesting and glam by opting for the one shoulder style accompanied with a sleek belt.

See? You don’t have to conform and take the traditional path to the aisle. You can choose any of these alternative bridal wear choices and look literally unforgettable!