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  • Autumn Weddings Do’s and Don’ts Guide

    Autumn can be the perfect time of the year to tie the knot. From the vibrant autumn colours and natural scenery to the hearty seasonal cuisine.

    Infuse the subtle seasonal details into your wedding for a charming and enjoyable experience. Have a blast planning your big day but remember to keep the following Autumn Wedding Do’s and Don’ts Guide handy.

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    Be afraid to negotiate with venues. Although autumn is not exactly a wedding off-season, there still might be opportunities to get the venue of your dreams at a reasonable price. If you do not ask you will never know.

    Schedule your wedding day during popular Autumn sporting events such as; football, car racing, marathons or rugby. Otherwise, you may have a group of sports fanatics huddled around a TV watching the game instead of enjoying the wedding festivities with you. In extreme cases, die-hard fans may not R.S.V.P to your wedding if it means they will have to miss a game. Don’t make them choose, instead plan around it.

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    Feel obligated to stay away from white. Some brides refrain from wearing white wedding gowns during the Autumn. Many will opt for a cream, ivory or off-white dress instead. If you find a dress in these colours that appeal to your style and taste go for it. Otherwise, purchase the dress of your dreams (that is within your budget) – even if it is white.

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    Leave comfort foods off the menu. Autumn is the time to offer your guests hearty and filling comfort foods such as; chicken pot pie, pastry puff or meatloaf paired with buttermilk mashed potatoes and asparagus. Designate an area for a soup station that offers delicious healthy soup shots for guests to enjoy and keep warm.

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    Forget the roses.

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    Do not miss the opportunity to infuse an autumn coloured rose bouquet, beautifully arranged rose centrepieces or rose petals for the flower girl to sprinkle around. Why roses? For starters, they are widely known for their romantic significance. Roses are also available in a variety of colours with symbolic meanings during the Autumn season. For an added seasonal touch consider having your florist pair them with autumn leaves for your bouquet. In general, lighter hue roses work best earlier in the season while darker colours shine in the later portion of the Autumn; nonetheless, the colour rose you select is sure to steal the show. Pro decorating tip: Carve out pumpkins, scoop out the seeds, paint them white and fill with a bouquet of roses. Use as vase centrepieces.

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    Choose a wedding venue with an all dirt ground. It is very easy for you and your guests to get dirty if you have your wedding ceremony on the dirt. Not to mention if it rains that dirt becomes mud and most people won’t enjoy participating in a muddy wedding. If you can, skip the venue with dirt altogether.

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    Overlook the opportunity to book your dream honeymoon. International air travel is often more affordable in the Autumn especially if you plan ahead. Your dream honeymoon may actually be a reality. Talk to your travel agent about cheaper rates or special deals.


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    Have a backup plan for adverse weather. If the reception is scheduled to take place indoors to avoid any bad weather, see if it is possible to arrange a cocktail hour on the outdoor patio. If your plan is to have an outdoor Autumn wedding plan for unpredictable weather. Consider having a wedding tent with heaters and sides that can block out any cold or rainy weather. In the unfortunate event of unfavourable weather your guests will be grateful for your thoughtfulness – let’s face it no one enjoys being cold or wet in formal wear.

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    Make use of natural Autumn scenery. Autumn foliage can be a very beautiful sight to see. Have your photographer and/or videographer get shots of you and your wedding party using the natural Autumn scenery as the backdrop. The Autumn colours can really aid in presenting you in the best light making you look even more beautiful in your photos and video footage.

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    Provide blankets or scarves for guests to wrap around them and keep warm. Purchase them in wedding colours that match or complement yours. Put them areas that they can be easily accessed or consider appointing a member (or two) from your wedding party to pass them out.

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    Offer hot drinks to keep your guest’s insides warm and palettes deliciously pleased. Plan for a coffee bar or tea station complete with all the condiments. Or go along with the Autumn and autumn theme and gift your guest’s bottomless hot apple cider or hot cocoa.

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    Let them taste Autumn. Serve your guests Autumn themed cake and dessert. Have decadent platters of apple cider donuts, apple crisp, carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting, chocolate pumpkin mousse or tiered baked sweet potato pie.

    Remove all wet leaves. Be sure to have your wedding planner or florist remove any wet leaves from common doorways, entryways and walkways to prevent injuries. Wet leaves are slippery and can be very hazardous.

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    Wear a bigger dress. Unlike the summer, the Autumn presents the opportunity to wear a bigger and more dramatic wedding gown. Autumn is the perfect time to express yourself with a long flowing train.

    Get creative and embrace the beauty that Autumn brings to your wedding. Use this guide for inspiration and a reference for planning the day of your dreams.

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