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  • Aisle Styling Ideas

    Here are some Aisle Styling Ideas to make your trip down the aisle memorable.


    For a totally unexpected look, how about swapping rose petals for feathers ~ how luxurious does it look?

    Feathers - www.stylemepretty.com

    Feathers – www.stylemepretty.com

    Bamboo Aisle Markers

    For a beach Wedding, Bamboo Aisle Markers add a tropical feel to your Ceremony.

    Bamboo Aisle Markers - www.circleofloveweddings.com.au

    Bamboo Aisle Markers – www.circleofloveweddings.com.au

    Rustic Ribbons

    You can choose a colourful touch or a more muted effect.

    Rustic Ribbons - www.stylemepretty.com

    Rustic Ribbons – www.stylemepretty.com


    Balloons can add a fun feel to your Ceremony or even just a touch of colour to accent it.

    Balloons - www.stylemepretty.com

    Balloons – www.stylemepretty.com

    Potted Plants

    Potted Plants can add a ‘Country Garden’ feel to your aisle and once your day is over you can give them to close friends or family or keep them for your own garden as a keepsake.

    Potted Plants - www.stylemepretty.com

    Potted Plants – www.stylemepretty.com

    Potted Plants via Pinterest

    Potted Plants via Pinterest

    Deluxe Flower Aisle

    Using many different colours and types of flowers will certainly give you a glamorous   aisle.

    Deluxe Flower Aisle - www.stylemepretty.com

    Deluxe Flower Aisle – www.stylemepretty.com

    Baby’s Breath

    Baby’s Breath has made a comeback and will give your aisle a fresh, modern but soft look.

    Baby's Breath - www.stylemepretty.com

    Baby’s Breath – www.stylemepretty.com

    Baby's Breath via Pinterest

    Baby’s Breath via Pinterest

    Ombre Rose Petals

    Using varying shades of colour starting with white until it intensifies to the brightest colour of your palette adds to the prettiness of a rose petal aisle.

    Ombre Rose Petals - www.stylemepretty.com

    Ombre Rose Petals – www.stylemepretty.com

    Patterned Petals

    A Patterned Petal Aisle can be made in diamond or heart shapes for a point of difference.

    Patterned Petals - www.stylemepretty.com

    Patterned Petals – www.stylemepretty.com

    Or swirls of roses with flower boxes down the sides.

    Rose Petal Aisle - www.circleofloveweddings.com.au

    Rose Petal Aisle – www.circleofloveweddings.com.au

    Or as an interesting edge with matching Kissing Balls.

    Rose Petal Edging via Pinterest

    Rose Petal Edging via Pinterest


    Different size and style lanterns add some dimension to your aisle.  Add flowers for some extra romance.

    Lanterns via Pinterest

    Lanterns via Pinterest

    Lanterns via Pinterest

    Lanterns via Pinterest

    Rustic Items

    Add some beautiful flowers to horseshoes and burlap, vintage timber and old tinware for a sophisticated take on a rustic theme.

    Rustic Styling via Pinterest

    Rustic Styling via Pinterest

    Rustic Styling via Pinterest

    Rustic Styling via Pinterest

    Rustic Styling via Pinterest

    Rustic Styling via Pinterest


    A romantic and inexpensive aisle can be made by using candles.

    Candles - www.circleofloveweddings.com.au

    Candles – www.circleofloveweddings.com.au

    Circle of Love can help you with any of this aisle styling.  If there is nothing here that takes your fancy or if you have seen something else that does somewhere else please contact your local Circle of Love Wedding Stylist and let them help you make your aisle a memorable part of your walk down it.




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