After the Wedding

Upgrading your Space

The time around your wedding can be both hectic and exciting, as you are preparing to celebrate a commitment to your partner surrounded by friends and family. When you get engaged and are planning your wedding, you may also find yourself thinking about moving in with your partner (if you don’t already live together) or upgrading your space to reflect the next step in your life in together after the Wedding.


For some, this might mean sprucing up your decor, or upgrading from an apartment to a home as you prepare to start a new family. Every couple’s situation and timeline are different, but here are some universal tips to consider when you are merging your lives and spaces.

Financial Communication

 Communicating with your partner while planning your wedding is crucial, and it is also crucial when making big decisions about your living space. From the location of your space to the decor in your home, it’s important to always be honest and talk things over with your partner. When you decide to get married, you tend to combine finances and make more money-related decisions together. You’ll want to take into consideration what your budget is, and if the timing is right for you and your partner financially. You don’t want to start out your life together stressing about paying for a place that you can’t fully afford. At the same time, there are small upgrades that you can make to your space that will reflect the maturity of your relationship.


Maybe it isn’t the right time to buy a home, but it is the right time to buy uniform family room furniture or matching nightstands that will last until you are ready for your new space. You might be surprised how a few quality pieces can make your home or apartment feel new.  You might even want to consider Baby Proofing Your Home in preparation for the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

Your Wedding Registry

 Upgrading your decor and what you decide to put on your wedding registry can go hand in hand. Instead of adding kitchen appliances and dishes that you already have, ask your guests to go in on a gift card to your favourite furniture retailer or use the money to hire an interior decorator. Everyone loves getting gifts that you can truly put to use, so be honest with your family and friends, and be open about what you are looking for on your registry. Take a look around the web for items that people have found the most use out of long after they tied the knot. Check out writers who reflect what items they got the most use out of and what they would do differently now. A panini maker sounds like a great investment in the moment but be real with yourself about what items could be a staple in your home, rather than items that are unique but will barely get used.


Make it Yours

 Nothing makes your space feel more like home than surrounding it with photos and memories of your family, friends, and life together so far. Devote a bookshelf or wall in your place to photos that remind you of what’s important. When covering your walls and shelves, think about the common interests that you have with your partner and the moments that have bonded you.


Invest in a wedding photographer, so that you can set the tone for your new space with memories of those who matter most to you from your big day.


You can even incorporate art pieces, ornaments, or wall hangings that represent where you have travelled together or where you met. You can find so many personalized pieces on Etsy, or use Artists Nearby to find artists in your area that can create something unique and meaningful. If you make your space a true reflection of your love, it will feel like home no matter where you are.