A Wedding Slideshow:

How to Keep the Memories of Your Big Day Fresh

Ah, weddings… achingly beautiful events that you wait for months but that pass like a blur. Did this really happen? Were you really able to wear the dress and say the vows? Thank goodness, there are photos and videos that can confirm that indeed your wedding happened.

Almost every wedding results in tons of pictures and lovely clips that are fun to watch, but only for so long. Soon enough you lose interest in them and the aftertaste of your big day goes stale. Want to breathe new life into your wedding pictures and relive this glorious day?

Then create a wedding slideshow.

Don’t know how? Worry not, you don’t need a professional for it. You are perfectly capable of making a wedding video all by yourself. We will give you a little guide on how to do it as well as a handful of surefire tips that will help you create the best wedding slideshow possible. Let’s dive into it.

Decide on the Concept

First comes the idea. And no, cramming all your wedding pictures into a video in no particular order doesn’t count as one. You’ll get a more enticing slideshow if you stick to a certain concept. For instance, you can chronicle your big day from the moment you woke up to the moment you said goodbye to the last guest. Alternatively, you can separate your video into two parts, with the first centring on the bride, and the other focusing on the groom. Better yet, you can ditch professional glam shots and opt for goofy and unflattering images from your guests’ camera phones. As you can see, the options are numerous. Just do a little brainstorming to find a concept that would match your mood and the vibe of your ceremony.

Image Source: Adobestock

Find the Perfect Running Time

Chances are that you and your spouse won’t be the only audience for your slideshow. That is why it’s crucial to determine the ideal running time. Don’t be tempted to make your video too short – like under two minutes. It will simply be underwhelming and will leave little time to showcase your no doubt awesome pics. On the other hand, going for a feature film duration is also a very bad idea – you will bore your viewers to tears. Arguably, the perfectly balanced running time is somewhere around 8 to 10 minutes. In other words, it is the length of two average songs. Stick to it.

Pick the Right Soundtrack

And speaking of songs. A wedding slideshow will make no impact unless it is accompanied by a great tune. Now here’s a pickle. Since, as we said, you are likely to have an audience for your creation, consider going with a safe music choice. You might be diehard metalheads, but that doesn’t mean that your wedding video will benefit from such a choice. Can’t stand vanilla love songs? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options in different genres. In case you are having trouble finding the perfect soundtrack, make sure to check wedding music you might find fitting for your cause.

Go for the Ideal Slideshow Making Tool

This might be the least obvious tip, but hear us out. Even if you have your hopes about your wedding video up, a poorly chosen program might kill the buzz. In order to have fun creating your slideshow and ending up with a lovely result, you need the right slideshow software.  This wedding slideshow maker is one of the best tools and chock-full of gorgeous templates that will help you put up an awesome slideshow in mere minutes. What’s more, this software offers tons of customizable effects, animations, transitions, title cards, 3D collages and whatnot. And all of this power is hiding behind a clear interface and easy workflow. With this slideshow maker, you will make sure that your lovely wedding pictures will be turned into an even lovelier slideshow that you will be rewatching for days on end.

Don’t let the memories of the happiest moment of your lives fade along with the pictures. Honour your bond with a tender slideshow. Let your wedding pictures dance on the screen just like you dance with your spouse on the dancefloor.