A Simple Guide To Choosing A Wedding Singer For Your Special Day

Any wedding will include a celebratory party where all your guests and family will gather in one place to dine, watch the wedding program, and socialize with others. Often, couples spend a little more time organizing the reception than the wedding ceremony. And one of its most important elements is entertainment.

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Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your guests well-entertained. It’s where hiring a wedding singer becomes handy. Let your family and friends unwind, dance, and enjoy your party by choosing a wedding singer who can keep the vibe alive and fun!

Before booking the first wedding singer that you come across, consider this guide in choosing the right one for your big day:

1. Consider Referrals

Word-of-mouth has always been an effective means of sourcing products and services. Most of the time, you can always earn good advice from people you know. If you need anyone to do a service for you, having referrals is a great way to find them. Thus, you will get good advice about the right singer when you ask for suggestions. Because some of the people you know might have already experienced hiring the singer on their special days too.

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People are usually not afraid to share their real experiences with service providers. Unlike reading customer reviews online, referrals can be 100% true and transparent about their experience. The people you know will ensure you don’t have the same problems as they did if they had a bad experience. And if they had great experiences with a wedding singer, they will most likely share it with you. Therefore, before you do the research online and browse websites, begin by asking around your peers and families for recommendations.

2. Stick To Your Budget

The next tip is to stick to your finances. You need to plan your dream wedding on a real budget. It can be expensive when you add up all the elements and components necessary for the celebration. Before you splurge on your entertainment budget, know how much you have allocated for hiring a wedding singer. A great wedding singer will cost you some money, but you need to know how worthy it will be.

Before setting a budget, you can research or get quotes from several singers to their average talent fees. Finally, stick to your budget and choose the singer that fits your financial capacity. Amateur wedding singers usually charge a low talent fee and know a handful of songs, but you should expect their talent to be a little below that of the expert and tenured singers in the industry. It’s all a matter of matching the singer to your preferences and your budget too.

3. Decide Whether To Have A Solo Singer Or A Band

It’s up to you to decide what type of entertainment you would like. Affordable solo singers are available. However, hiring the entire band is usually more expensive than going for a solo or duo singer. Having a budget and choosing entertainment worth your money is the key. When looking for a wedding singer, you don’t want to feel overcharged for their services. When considering a soloist or a band, you can factor in the number of your expected guests and the wedding venue. Larger parties go well with a band rather than a solo performer.


4. Book Them Early

After you’ve finalized your wedding venue and date, booking your wedding singer as early as possible. The earlier you contact singers, the more options you’ll have. Usually, popular ones get booked earlier, and their schedules might already be full by the time you contact them.

A good piece of advice is to get in touch with them at least six months before your wedding day. It gives you more chances of earning a spot on their packed schedules. Also, it allows you more time to develop a plan to make your wedding memorable.

5. Suggest Your Favourite Songs

You should also consider whether the singer is capable of singing in your preferred musical style. Couples will have their favorite songs that come in diverse genres. It would be helpful to inquire about such songs early if your singer can sing them or pull them off. While they are expected to sing love songs occasionally, it’s ideal to recommend other types of songs, too, such as pop, ballad, rock, etc.

Making the right choice requires you to hear them sing during rehearsals. Or another way is to check their previous wedding projects and see how their wedding songs fit with your taste in music.

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Wedding entertainment is an important element that keeps your guests and family happt to share your special occasion with you. It makes total sense to hire the best wedding singer capable of harmonizing the occasion’s atmosphere. There are tips in this guide on how to choose the best wedding singer. Hopefully, you’ll be able to match your budget, preferences, and schedule with the wedding singer of your choice.