A Guide to Designing a Timeless Wedding Celebration That Goes Beyond Trends


The problem with trends is that they come and go. Today everyone loves pink and white polka dots and stripes. Tomorrow those things are out, and red and black checkered print is in.

In addition, trends go viral because everyone is hopping on them. You can put your spin on them, but at the end of the day, it’s the same concept for everyone. Both of these things make trends not so great for wedding celebrations.

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You deserve something timeless. Something you can look back on and it still feels like it’s meant for whatever decade you’re in. Something deeply personal to you and your partner yet eternally stylish, elegant, and classic.

Cling to the advice in this guide to create a timeless wedding celebration that goes far beyond trends and authentically commemorates your special love.

Go Elegant With Your Invitations

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A timeless wedding starts with the invitations. They set the tone for your celebration. Create the kind of wedding invitations people want to frame. For example, a black ink engraved invitation on cream, two-ply stock paper is a classic wedding invitation style that exudes elegance.

Add a few delicate embellishments, like a lace trim or satin backing. Handwrite all the details to add another layer of refinement. Then, seal your wedding invitation envelopes with wax monogrammed with your and your partner’s initials.

Play around with these different elements until you come up with an invitation design that’s sleek and tasteful but still reflective of who you both are.

Choose a Classic Location

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A timeless wedding needs a classic location. So, think about what that means generally, to you and your partner, and when it comes to your theme of elegance and timelessness.

For example, a classic could be something rooted in history with beautiful scenery and amazing architecture. Or, when you and your future spouse think of a timeless location, you envision somewhere outside of the country.

Put these two ideas together, and you come up with something like a destination wedding at a historic villa in Italy or a chateau in France. These countries give you all the romantic vibes. And the venues will have historical architecture, gorgeous gardens, and a noble feel that transports you into a vintage time.

If you do decide to have your wedding outside the country and are set on sharing all your special moments on social media, you must pay special attention to online privacy and security. You don’t want any uninvited guests or to lose access to your accounts.

So, don’t overshare on your social media platforms. Disable your location-sharing settings. Also, ask family and friends to check with you before tagging you in photos.

Wherever you decide to have your wedding, make sure it’s somewhere you can create beautiful memories.

Incorporate Neutrals into Your Color Palette

If crazy, bold colours are everything you and your partner are, dive head first into that color scheme. But if you want to stay with a timeless theme, soft, neutral colours are more of that style.

We aren’t saying everything has to be white and beige. But you should incorporate some of these neutral colours into your palette to give your wedding that sophisticated, ageless look.

Use a neutral color, like ivory, black, or soft grey, as your base color. Then, you can add pops of color with personal details and accessories. For example, the candle holders, flower arrangements, and name cards could be classic French blue. Or, the tablecloths and window treatments could be a pretty sage green.

Find a balance between neutrals and stand-out colours you love in your wedding’s color palette.

Use Soft, Warm Lighting

Timeless wedding décor is romantic with soft elements that make people feel warm and welcome. Your lighting needs to fall in line with this vision. Soft, warm lighting options are a must to create that refined feel.

Candles, specifically, are functional and beautiful. The warm glow will radiate throughout your space. You and your guests will look gorgeous in a candlelit room. In addition, they’re an inexpensive way to create an intimate atmosphere that’s classically romantic.

Here are a few other ideas to create soft lighting in your venue:

  • String and fairy lights
  • Wall sconces
  • Small table lamps
  • Rice paper lanterns
  • Bistro lights



Lighting that produces a gentle illumination will be much more flattering and provide a serene look that’s timeless.

Embrace the Black Tie Dress Code and Classic Wedding Attire

While matching sweatsuits are cute and unique to wear at the altar, those wedding photos may not be as timeless as you think they are 20 years from now. But what will be is you and your love in that classic wedding attire and your guests in the traditional black-tie dress code.

Embrace this timeless wedding aesthetic, but still, be mindful of how different generations of people perceive beauty and style and how others may interpret black tie.

For example, baby boomers, like your parents, grew up in a time that favoured Hollywood glamour and timeless elegance. Gen X grew up in the grunge movement and the era of the supermodel. Millennials and Gen Zers embrace self-expression and redefining beauty norms.

How and when people grew up shaped their beauty and style ideals. So, while you may tell everyone it’s a black-tie event, each person will have their own definition of what that is. Welcome this diversity because it modernizes the black-tie aesthetic and makes the celebration more representative of you and your guests.

Don’t forget your and your partner’s attire. Use the classic white gown and black tuxedo as a reference, but don’t be afraid to make it your own. For example, maybe you choose a white dress but it’s an unusual design or texture. And your spouse decides to ditch the jacket and change their pant trouser color.

Embrace the black tie dress code and classic wedding attire, but make it you, like everything else in your timeless wedding.