A Couples Bucket List: 6 Fun Activities & Romantic Things To Do

Every now and then we get caught up in the planning and the romance can somehow fade away. Of course, it is not possible to mimic the perfect relationship we see in the movies, but as a couple, you can totally upscale your love life. No matter the obligations and duties, you need to find time to do something thrilling for your relationship so you can get more involved and relaxed together.

Here is a couple’s bucket list that will surely do that;

1. Touch the sky in a hot air balloon

If you are in for an unforgettable adventure this is a way to go. First of all, riding in a hot air balloon is romantic, and there is no greater feeling than being able to get over your fear of heights than holding hands high in the sky. The light breeze will gently blow on your faces, and you will have a chance to take amazing photos. The ride in a hot air balloon is rather slow, giving you the opportunity to reminisce about the fun things you have done up to that moment, plus you will have enough time to think about new stuff to do.

2. Enjoy a riveting game night

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Nothing brings on fun and laughter as playing a captivating game. Whether you have a competitive spirit or not, engaging in a riveting game as a couple will make some interesting sparks fly. Playing Scrabble or Monopoly will immerse you in mutual activity. Game night is great for together time.

3. Try something for the first time

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Break the routine by doing something together that you have never done before. Any activity that you have never tried will make you both tingle and it is a fun way to bond. For instance, playing golf with a partner can be exciting, gripping and romantic because you can learn how to swing the club holding each other. This can turn out to be a gratifying hobby and later you can find the best gifts for golfers to treat one another. Any activity that you start off together will give a different perspective on your relationship.

4. Tech-free dinner

Surely you have been on numerous date nights, but probably they have all resulted with your mobile phone buzzing all the time. Constant interruption during date night will result in one of you feeling agitated and nervous, which is a big no-no in a relationship. Whether you are at home or out in a restaurant, leave your phone and all other gadgets far away from the two of you. Having dinner without telephones will do wonders for your relationship and attitude. You will be able to gaze into each other’s eyes and only focus on yourselves.

5. Go on a weekend getaway

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of daily life is what every couple needs. Even if you might have gone on a trip before together, make this one a surprising journey. Book a weekend in a spa resort where you can totally unwind, enliven your senses and immerse only in each other. If you are food and drink lovers, you can go to a wine tasting tour, or do something absolutely outrageous like signing up for a couple’s boot camp. Try bungee jumping, experience paintball, sleep in tents, zip-line, reconnect with nature, and do fun outdoor activities together.

6. Enrol in a dance class

Forget “Dirty Dancing” and those mushy movies, dancing can be loads of fun, and it is a great cardio activity. If you both have two left feet, or you are up for something that will juice up the romance while keeping it fun, then there is no better solution then busting the moves on the dance floor. If classical dances such as tango and waltz, try salsa or learn how to dance reggaeton. Latino dances are known for their erotic and sexy energy. After a sweaty dance class with enticing music, you would certainly want to continue the dance in the bedroom.

Kiss, kiss, kiss, and whatever you do, try your best to always tell each other how much you love them. Make sure that you show your love and affection everywhere you go, and you will have a long-lasting relationship.