9 Outdated Wedding Trends That Need To Go

The pandemic forcibly put an end to many wedding trends. As life gradually returns back to normal, weddings will eventually resume their usual ways. However, many outdated trends deserve to be left behind in the past. Here are nine wedding trends that probably won’t make a successful comeback during the upcoming wedding season.

Flower Walls

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An entire wall covered in flowers seems to be the background of every wedding photo in the last few years. A flower wall can make for a cute background, but they have been so overdone in recent years. While some couples may still choose to include a flower wall at their wedding reception, most couples will likely choose something more unique.

Donut Walls

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How many wedding donut walls have you seen on Pinterest or Instagram in the last decade? Similar to the flower wall, the doughnut wall has been seriously overdone. It was a cute and eccentric addition to wedding receptions when it first came out but is so common now that most guests simply ignore it. Donut walls used to be unique and cool. But it’s been done so many times that it’s not even worth a social media post anymore.

Identical Bridesmaid Dresses

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Many brides are already leaving this outdated tradition behind. Bridesmaids have worn identical dresses for years, but fortunately for them and their wallets, more brides are bidding this tradition adieu. Plenty of modern brides are encouraging their bridesmaids to wear dresses that make them feel comfortable. Of course, the dresses still tend to follow the wedding colour palette, but this is a much more reasonable request than expecting bridesmaids to pay for a dress they will likely never wear again. 

Velvet Furniture

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The velvet came, had its moment, but now needs to go. The wedding trend of velvet furniture has been everywhere in most recent years. It seems as though every wedding incorporated some sort of velvet furniture at their reception. To the relief of many wedding planners, this trend appears to be dying down.

Large Wedding Parties

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With the pandemic, many couples were forced to limit their guests and their wedding parties to a few close loved ones. These smaller wedding parties tend to be more intimate and meaningful. They keep the attention on the bride and groom. For this reason, the trend of large bridal and groom’s parties will likely not return. Of course, some couples with large families and large guest lists will be the exception, but for the most part, huge wedding parties are so pre-pandemic.

Party Favours

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This ancient, outdated trend either needs to go or be revamped completely. If your guests are being honest, they don’t need or want a mini figurine of the bride and groom. Traditional wedding party favours are purposely left behind on tables. The budget for these outdated trinkets could easily have been reallocated to something more useful.

Pre-Selected Meals

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Chances are, your future guests don’t know what they want to eat tomorrow. How could you possibly expect them to know what they want to eat months from now? There are plenty of more reasonable alternatives to pre-selected meals. Some of these include a family-style or buffet-style dinner. Stations are another great alternative that encourages your guests to interact with each other.

Speech After Speech

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Your wedding is arguably the most special day of your life. Naturally, couples want to be showered with well-wishes and old memories. However, it’s best to not put your wedding guests through the torture of too many lengthy speeches at your reception. A good strategy is to space the speeches throughout the night. Alternatively, ask some people who want to make a speech to say theirs at the rehearsal dinner instead.


Fireworks look beautiful but they are terrible for the environment. Most couples today are choosing a more modern and unique send-off. Instead of fireworks, guests can shower the couple with flower petals, light sparklers, or spray some champagne.


While these trends are outdated and overdone, it’s ultimately up to the bride and groom to decide what feels right for their special day. If you’ve dreamed about a flower wall or velvet furniture at your wedding reception for years, then, by all means, do it. As long as it makes you happy, dying trend or not, you should go for it.

Kendra Beckley is a lifestyle writer and editor at Write My Essay. She is a romantic at heart who loves a good meet-cute and happy ending. She writes articles on relationship advice and dating tips.