8 Ways Planning a Same-Sex Wedding is Different to a Traditional Wedding

You two have endured the test of time and proved your love for each other and finally, you have decided to exchange vows. What about giving this special day, a unique touch!

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Here we have 8 of the best ideas to make your wedding stand out:

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  1. Choose the Rainbow Theme:

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The Rainbow is the power theme for LGBTQ couples. Why not ditch the white and let your wedding go colourful?

Some ideas for the rainbow-theme are:

  • Let your guests choose any colour from the VIBGYOR for their dress.
  • Choose coloured flowers for bouquets and decorations.
  • Have a rainbow cake. While it will be colourful and fun, it will also show your support to fellow same-sex couples.
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  1. Ditch the Chapel:

While you might have imagined yourself walking down the aisle in the chapel, you can go for off-beat venues too.

Try any of these:

  • An open ceremony in a park or on a beach.
  • Go for a destination wedding. But, be sure about the governing laws in that place. Getting involved in legal litigations is the last thing you want in your marriage. It will be better if you opt for the countries that have legalized same-sex weddings.


  1. Go for a Cross-Culture Wedding:

Same-sex weddings are still taboo in several cultures. Imagine the difficulties that couples from these cultures face? Wouldn’t it be nice if you opted for a wedding according to their rituals? It will be a new experience for both of you and a guiding force for others!

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  1. Ask Your Parents to Walk You Down the Aisle:

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If you are one of those lucky couples whose parents are comfortable with their wedding, ask them to walk you down the aisle. It may not be possible with every one of you. Given, there is still a large number of people who don’t accept same-sex weddings but if you are blessed to have such parents, show the world that they support you. It will be emotional for you as well as your parents.

  • Let your mum be the maid of honour.
  • Make your father, the best man.


  1. The Wedding Party:

    In traditional weddings, the bride and the groom have different parties. The bride has her girlfriends while the groom has fun with his friends and somewhere in between, the bride and the groom miss each other. Now that you are breaking the gender barriers, why not leave out this tradition?

  • Have an inclusive wedding party that both of you enjoy with your friends irrespective of gender.
  • Hire DJs and make arrangements for cocktails for the celebration.

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  1. The Rings:

    While choosing the ring for each other, pay attention to your lifestyle and profession. You cannot wear a colourful ring if you are a professor! Choose the metal wisely and according to your budget. Also, discuss it beforehand, on which finger you will be wearing it. In many ceremonies, this abruptly occurs to the couples and it ruins the flow of the proceeding.

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Some inspirations for your rings are:

  • Go for complementary rings.
  • You can also choose exactly the same rings. This will show that you both have equal say and responsibilities in this union.
  • If you are into customized jewellery, try getting a ring with 7 small stones showing the pride colours. It will be unique.


  1. Screen Your Love Story:

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Not many people know how you met and clicked? For them, you two are just another couple. Why not weave your magical love story into a movie.

  • Hire a good wedding videographer and create a video about your love story.
  • Screen this after the cake cutting ceremony. It will be nostalgic for you two and beautiful for your guests.


  1. Create a Facebook Event:

    While this may sound cliché, it will be a rockstar way to announce your d-day to the world.

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You can use this page to:

  • Send your e-invites, upload the pix of ongoing decorations and so on.
  • Letting your guests leave wedding wishes for you. If you are screening your video, include these messages at the end.



Getting married can be exhausting. The arrangements have to be perfect, the legal aspect needs to be cleared and the guests have to be entertained. It can be a bit difficult if you are a same-sex couple. But why not make this milestone different from the conventional ceremonies. There are several websites and wedding planners that offer their exclusive service to such couples. You can get in touch with any of them for an organized and unique theme. Make your love story a happily ever after marriage! 

Author Bio:

Bronte Price is Australia’s First Certified Gay Wedding Celebrant. He stands strongly for marriage equality and takes immense pleasure in marrying any couple in love. He has also co-founded The Equality Network to help wedding suppliers create a better wedding experience for LGBTI couples. He is a regular volunteer newsreader at Joy 94.9, and a member of GLOBE (Gay and Lesbian Organization for Business and Enterprise). Beyond this, you will find him either in his organic backyard vegetable garden or taking walks with his fiancée Clint and their four-legged fur baby – Bingo.