8 DIY Wedding Gifts That Every Couple Will Love

When you first find out that one of your close friends said yes to a proposal, it’s an exciting time to be swept up in all the ways they plan out their wedding. You may be front and centre as the maid of honour to all the decisions, or you might sit courtside and see them post on social media about touring venues or tasting cakes.

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As the wedding gets closer, you’ll need to think about what gift you’ll give them. It’s common for brides to create wedding registries, but what if you want to give them something more personal and heartfelt?

Whether or not you spend your free time making crafts, you can try any of these eight thoughtful DIY wedding gift ideas that every couple will love. After you find the right gift, you’ll love the experience of making their wedding gift by hand and presenting it as something that came straight from your heart.

1. Date Night Idea Packet

Every couple has a few dates that they keep on repeat when they want to do something special. Although those places and activities mean a lot, they can still get old after a while.

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Before you head to the wedding, buy some cute wedding-themed scrapbooking supplies. Decorate each page according to the date idea on it. Slide them all into a packet, hole bunch them into a binder or have them professionally bound. It’s always nice to try something new for a date, especially when the married couple doesn’t have to spend a ton of time coming up with an idea.

2. Clay Ring Bowl

Traditionally, the newly married couple start living together after their wedding day. They may have household items on their registry, but you can easily make them a clay ring bowl that will look great in their home. A little clay and decorative items of your choosing make this an affordable and special gift to make.

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3. Personalized Cutting Board

The idea of personalizing or monogramming a cutting board may seem intimidating, but anyone can do it. After you trace the design onto the board, use a woodburning tool to etch your handmade design into the wood. Monogram the couple’s initials, the wedding date or anything you think would be meaningful.

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4. Leather Wedding Album

One of the issues that most married couples face is that their wedding album always falls apart after years of use. If you make a leather wedding album, that won’t happen as quickly. Just be sure that before you get your supplies, you choose the right type of leather for the project. Otherwise, the material may be too cheap or too tough to work with.

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5. Wedding Invitation Ornament

Giving someone an ornament is always a cute idea, especially if you make one with their wedding invitation in it. All you have to do is buy a clear ornament, then cut their invitation into strips, curl each piece and slide it into the glass ball. Tie a ribbon of your choice to the top to finish. This will make a great gift for winter weddings but can be given all year round.

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6. Map Tile Coasters

Does the couple who are getting married travel often? They may love map tile coasters for their living space. Get a map of every place they’ve travelled to and mod podge it together. Spray it with a sealant and your gift will be ready to go.

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7. Creative Wine Labels

Wine is a classic gift that absolutely counts as a wedding present. After their wedding, the married couple will enjoy sitting back and relaxing with a glass of wine in hand. Pick out something they’ll like and then print creative wine labels to make the gift even better. Write out wine puns or a heartfelt note for the personal touch you’re looking for in a gift.

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8. A Rope Sign

While the newly married couple is purchasing things they need for their home, they’ll love hanging a cute sign they might not think to buy themselves. Make that sign a reality by putting together a rope sign with any saying you’d like on it. The one rope forming all the letters symbolizes unity, which is what marriage is all about.

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Think About Their Personalities

The only thing you need to do in order to make the perfect wedding gift is to think about the personalities of the married couple. What do they like and dislike? What would they enjoy doing together or decorating with? After a little thought, you’ll come up with the perfect gift they’ll treasure for years to come.