8 Essential Wedding Photography Poses

If you recently got engaged, you have probably started taking steps to plan your wedding. Your to-do list might include finding the perfect venue, hiring a caterer and looking for an experienced wedding photographer. Keep in mind that, on average, couples spend more than $2,500 on a wedding photographer. Get your money’s worth by deciding which photography poses you want to try out at your wedding.

1. The Candid Moment

A candid shot is something special — it’s an authentic moment between you and your partner that can’t be replicated. That moment can only live on in your memory and with a photo. A professional photographer can look for the right moments to snap a shot, whether it be when you walk down the aisle and lock eyes or both lean down to smell the bouquet.

Photographer: JP Velarde

2. The Ring Shot

Don’t miss the chance to show off your ring on your wedding day. This pose starts with the couple clasping hands and showing off their rings, worn on the fourth finger to represent an ancient tradition where Egyptians believed a nerve in the fourth finger ran straight to the heart. This shot is a great way to emphasize the bling, especially for a piece that’s a family heirloom or antique, while keeping the couple in frame.

Source: www.gainsborough.com.au

3. The First Look

Nothing is more exquisite than the first look between the bride and groom on their wedding day. Dressed to the nines and ready to make a lifelong commitment, it’s an ideal time to capture a shot. There’s a lot of emotion associated with your wedding day, and this is a pose that can bring that emotion to the surface. If possible, schedule the first look before the ceremony for a private photo-op.

Source: chicagoweddingblog.com

4. The Chase

Weddings can be formal and traditional. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make time for fun. Romp around with your partner or plan a short chase. Have the photographer close by to capture shots of the smiles and laughter. This less serious pose is a great way to capture the action on the big day as well as get the bride and groom to feel at ease. Plus, the running pose offers an ideal shot of the beautiful billowing dress.

Source: www.adoramapix.com

5. The Shoulder Rest

Don’t fret if you get tired on your big day. When you feel a yawn coming on, ask the photographer for a shoulder rest shot. Here, the bride and groom can sit down and cuddle with one another. Once comfortable, the bride relaxes on the shoulder of the groom. This shot is meant to show an intimate moment between the couple where they are entirely at ease.

Photographer: Ella Otranto

6. The Tie Grab

If you’re a bride with lots of personality, ask for a photo-op including the tie grab pose. Just as the title suggests, this is where the bride gently tugs on the groom’s tie to bring him in for a kiss. For a more stunning effect, plan the shoot at sunset to capture the sun’s golden flare and create an ethereal glow effect.

Source: www.adoramapix.com

7. The Dip Kiss

The dip kiss is an essential photo pose you and your partner should recreate. It starts with a kiss where the groom leans the bride back at a 90° angle. A romantic kiss signifies love and celebration, harking back to the days when Romeo and Juliet, two star-crossed lovers, used love’s kiss to rebel against the controls of family and society. Today, the dip kiss is a classic that can show off your fiery passion while having a little fun.

Photographer: Compose Photography

8. The Vignette

A vignette photo, where the couple poses in the centre and the edges fade into darkness, is a great way to capture a fairy tale moment. A vignette looks best in an outdoor setting where tree branches or rock formations can naturally frame the picture. The couple should also stand far enough in the distance to allow for the fade-to-black effect.

Photographer: Ella Otranto

A wedding is about making and celebrating a commitment to your partner. But don’t forget to preserve the memories with thoughtfully captured photos. Before you bring in the photographer, be sure to decide which poses are a must-have for you and your partner.

Photographer: Ella Otranto