7 Ways to Prep Your Home for a Wedding

Weddings are an exciting time of life. Everyone travels from all around the country and maybe even the world to celebrate the love between two people. It’s a great moment to come together and have fun with your loved ones, but not everyone can afford to do that at a five-star venue that charges thousands of dollars for a single night.

Many brides choose to have their weddings at a friend’s home. Large homes or widespread yards make the perfect spot for a wedding, often at little to no cost to the wedding party. It’s an honour to host a wedding in your home and it’s also a big responsibility.

Make sure you host your loved one’s wedding correctly by reading about these seven ways to prep your home for a wedding. With the right amount of prep, the event will be a huge success and run smoothly all night long.

1. Think About Parking

Unless the wedding party has already discussed carpooling, you’ll have to think about the parking situation on your property. How large is your driveway? Should people park on your street? Check local laws about street parking to prevent anyone from getting fined. Mark out space in your yard for cars and let the wedding party know how many will fit.

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2. Spray for Pests

Outdoor weddings have certain outdoor problems to consider, like pests. Prevent the wedding guests from fighting off bugs while they watch the ceremony, eat or dance by spraying for outdoor pests at least a week in advance. Ants and mosquitos will ruin the night, but they won’t be an issue after a quick spray.

3. Check Your Insurance

Homeowners have insurance to protect themselves against damages, but event damage may not be covered. Check your insurance to see what it covers by talking with your insurance provider about the upcoming wedding. Discuss if you should get event insurance and if you have liquor liability.

4. Do a Deep Clean

Before anyone arrives, you’ll need to do a deep clean on your home. Vacuum, mop and wipe down surfaces until your home shines. Take out all garbage bins on the morning of the wedding and spot clean anything that might show up in pictures. An easy way to tackle this is to section everything into zone cleaning, so a big project is broken up into more manageable steps.

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5. Create the Dressing Rooms

The bride and groom typically have different dressing rooms, with the bride’s dressing room being bigger. Designate two rooms in your home as the dressing rooms, with enough space between them that the bride and groom won’t see each other before the ceremony.

Source: https://www.weddingwire.com

6. Connect With the Caterers

Once the wedding party has locked down their caterers, get in contact with them to find out what they need. Discuss the size of your kitchen, where the reception will be set up and what supplies you’ll have on-site. This helps everything go smoothly on the day of the wedding, preventing last-minute problems.

7. Get Tents Ready

Most at-home weddings utilize an outdoor space, so get tents ready as a backup plan for bad weather. Large tents can be rented from most party suppliers if the wedding party doesn’t have some rented already.

Communicate Often and Openly

Keep up communication with the wedding party and everyone they’re in contact with. As you prep your home, staying on the same page will help the wedding be a major success.