7 Tips on Planning A Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you ask anyone which is the most important day of their lives, many people will list the wedding day as one of these days. And indeed, couples spend a lot of time preparing their big day and they invest a lot of effort, time, and money into offering their guests a memorable experience. So, it’s clear that they are looking forward to living the day they dreamed about for so long.

However, 2020 is the year of surprises. No one was expecting a global pandemic to happen. No one has ever imagined that we will be forced to stay home and limit social gatherings to stop the spread of the virus. And yet it happened.

The coronavirus pandemic was a big hit for many people, including couples that had their wedding planned to happen this year. Things have changed and governments imposed many rules we all need to follow to make sure we keep healthy. But what can you do if you plan your wedding during the coronavirus pandemic? We’ve gathered together 7 tips that will help you take care of the most important things for your wedding day and ensure that everyone will be safe and sound.

  1. Partner Discussions

The latest world pandemic has changed the way we live forever. It was like an alarm signal that tells us that something is not okay with our behaviours towards nature, animals, and one another. So, the way we party, organize weddings, or baptism ceremonies will likely be very different.

The first step you need to make is to discuss with your partner about your wedding day. Authorities have limited the number of people that can participate in a social gathering. Consider that your closest ones that want to be there for you, and key people in your wedding get counted to, such as photographer, videographer, the band or DJ, and so on.

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If you still want to have your wedding this year, you need to discuss it with your partner and decide upon your wedding format. Many couples consider postponing their wedding for the next year when they hope there will not be so many restrictions. However, weddings that will still happen this year will need to limit their guests’ number and respect social distancing measures.

  1. Communicate with the Venue

No matter if you have decided to postpone the wedding for the next year or have it this one, the most important aspect is the venue. Restaurants and wedding locations are down after this lockdown period, so it may be likely that some of them will not open this year or in the near future.

However, most venues are flexible and because most couples postponed their wedding, you need to check if they are available on your new wedding date.

Most of the cases they were. However, if you want to stick to your new wedding date and the venue is not available, you can search for smaller ones. You can find something more suited for your dream wedding.

  1. Communicate with the Vendors

It’s clear that when we talk about wedding vendors, everyone will shift their schedules this year. It was and it will be a tough period for everyone, but the economy needs to start again. Wedding vendors are ones of the most important people. They help you create a memorable wedding for your guests and for you two too.

Be understanding of your vendors. They most likely are trying to deal with nervous couples who want to postpone their wedding, and this is as challenging as it sounds. Your florist, photographer, caterer, event planner and venue are key elements of your wedding, and they help you make your wedding dream come true.

  1. Conduct Online Meetings

You will need to discuss and set some details with your vendors. But for now, you need to keep physical distance as much as possible, so face to face meetings should be avoided as much as possible.

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But because we live in an era of technology, online meetings are easier than before. There are many apps and software online that let you conduct online calls with more than 5 people and they are entirely secure. So, instead of visiting your wedding planner or vendors, try to work with them as much as you can online.

  1. Keep Your Guests Updated

If you have postponed your wedding, you need to let your guests know. Many couples have already sent the invites and now they are nervous because they need to make other ones. One of the most important and easiest things to do is to let go of the traditional way of inviting guests to your wedding.

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This means that you can have a cute design where you announce your new wedding date, location, and other details. You can send it online and like this, you also take an eco-friendly approach which is also less costly.

  1. Downsize Your Wedding

One of the details that need to be considered when planning a wedding during the coronavirus pandemic and that many couples hate is downsizing your wedding. Even though some states have begun to ease restrictions, social gatherings are still limited.

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Having your wedding during these times comes with challenges, and one of them is about inviting fewer guests to your wedding. For sure there are many friends and family members that would love to be there and celebrate with you. One solution would be to live stream your wedding.

  1. Online Shopping

There are not so many shops that are open during these times and you probably think about your wedding dress. This is an important detail for every bride. It might be more difficult and challenging to find your dream wedding dress now, but the internet offers you a wide variety of choices.

You can firstly search online for a wedding design you like. Wedding designers and tailors will slowly open their workshops, you just need to organize and plan your research a little bit different this time.


Weddings are one of the most important events in one’s life, so the latest coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live and party forever. The format of weddings will likely be changed and many couples have decided to postpone their wedding for the next year.

However, if you plan your wedding during these tough times, make sure to shift as many meetings online. Discuss with the venue and your vendors and start searching for your wedding dress online.

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