7 Tips for Parents Attending a Wedding With Kids

Attending a wedding with a kid or kids can be overwhelming and challenging. But pace yourselves as we have 7 tips for parents attending a wedding with kids. Everything is much easier when you are prepared for it. The same is true for attending a wedding with kids, as it differs from attending the wedding on your own. You have additional things to think about. Keep reading to learn more.

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First of all, you should find some plausible ways to keep your kids busy during the ceremony because it’s tough for them to understand why they need to be quiet and sit still. What can help you out in moments of crisis is a bag with necessities, which you should pack and put in your car. Additionally, whatever venue you’re at, you should try to find a quiet spot for breaks and breastfeeding. Moreover, you should pack some child-friendly activities to keep your children occupied, as weddings can be boring. Regarding sugar and treats, allow your kids to choose them. As far as certain wedding-related activities are concerned, such as taking photos with the bride and the groom, you should engage in them early on.

1.   Keep Them Busy During the Ceremony

Sitting still and listening to adults ramble about some, according to them, irrelevant things are probably not your kids’ cup of tea. You should find effective ways to keep them busy and quiet during the ceremony to ensure they don’t embarrass you. You should devise some amusing things for them to do and avoid disrupting the wedding. For example, you can give your toddler a child-friendly camera to record the ceremony. That will keep them busy and quiet and feel like an essential part of the ceremony. A phone can work as well. Ensure the sound is off, so there isn’t that ‘clicking’ sound.

2.   Pack a Bag With Necessities

When we say to pack a bag with necessities, we don’t mean your cute or elegant clutch that matches your outfit perfectly. Instead, we suggest an additional bag containing all the necessities you might need for the kids. Make sure to pack tissues, wet wipes, hair crunches and extra clothes in accidents (which happen regularly). Essentially, it is a bag holding all the supplies for the kids. You can keep it in the car or stash it under your chair. It would also be a good idea to pack some snacks and drinks for the kids, just in case.

3.   Find a Quiet Spot for Breaks

A whole day attending a wedding can be tiring for kids as they are loud and crowded. It’s simply a lot of sensory input for babies and toddlers. So, finding a quiet spot where you can all take a break is vital. You can retreat to a quiet place from time to time to recharge. People use soft benches next to the bathrooms or lounges for these purposes.

4.   Pack Child-friendly Activities

When it comes to keeping kids occupied during a wedding, there usually isn’t much they can do there and amuse themselves. However, you can pack some child-friendly activities for them to enjoy. You can get inspired by the amusing activities kids do at the child care centre they attend. It’s essential to be prepared.

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5.   Find a Breast-feeding Area

On the other hand, if you are attending a wedding with a baby and breastfeeding, you should also consider finding a quiet breastfeeding area where you can retreat for feeding sessions. You can consult with the bride, the venue manager or the wedding coordinator for some suggestions. There may be a changing room or a room reserved for the bride and the groom that you can duck into.

6.   Allow your Kids to Make a Treat Choice

The sugar display is another concerning matter for the parents. You should set some rules to avoid getting your kids high on sugar. When you see the whole treat offer, decide how to play along. Usually, parents give their kids a choice to eat either this or that, not both or all. So, let your children choose their treat, and everyone will be happy!

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7.   Engage in Wedding-related Activities Early

Taking a family photo with the newlyweds is something all the guests do as it makes a cherish able memory. Remember to engage in all the wedding-related activities if there are more besides the photos early on. Later on, kids get dirty, cranky and tired, so the photos aren’t great.

It’s much easier to attend a wedding with your kids when you are prepared for it – hopefully, these practical pieces of advice help you do just that.