7 Tips for Choosing Wedding Day Jewellery

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and no doubt you want everything to be perfect from your gown right down to the last petal of every baby breath bloom. Part of pulling together a signature look involves accenting your nuptial gear with the right jewellery.

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Of course, you don’t want anything to detract from your beauty or the amazing train you dreamed of since you were a girl. Classic wedding jewellery is understated and doesn’t compete with the rest of the ensemble. This doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of whimsy or your mother’s heirloom bracelet, though. Here’s how to pull your wedding day jewellery game together.

1. The Metal Matters

When putting together your look, stick with pieces in complementary metal tones. Mixing metals is fine when you’re going nightclubbing, but your big day demands more elegance. Whether you choose to go with silver, platinum, gold or rose gold, keep the hues complementary.

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Having a country wedding replete with hayrides and line dancing at the reception? Think beyond typical silver and gold. Warm copper tones can set off a short-and-sleek slip dress paired with similarly-toned cowboy boots for an adorably rustic look.

2. Start at the Top

The way you plan to style your hair on your wedding day plays a role in your earring selection. Women with short ‘do’s or who plan on wearing longer hair up can go with bolder styles. Those with long hair worn down or who plan to make their veil the centrepiece of their nuptial attire do well to stick with simple studs of diamonds or gems matching the colours in the wedding party.

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3. Consider Your Neckline

When it comes to a necklace or multiple, let the neckline of your gown guide your choice. Going with a classic sweetheart neckline? Stick with something simple such as a necklace with a single pear-shaped drop or pendant. Rocking a gown with a halter neckline? You can omit the necklace altogether and let your dress do the work.

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4. The Hue of Your Dress

When choosing your jewellery scheme, keep in mind certain dress hues set off different metals best:

  • White gowns look best with silver or platinum accents.
  • Ivory or champagne. Off-white hues work well with classic gold tones.
  • If your gown has rosy undertones, rose gold sets them off beautifully.

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5. Select Gemstones Carefully

Most brides fall for the traditional diamond, but newlyweds concerned with human rights violations in the industry may opt for different gemstones or even no stone at all. Some brides choose to coordinate their wedding day gemstones with the colours they choose for members of the wedding party. This does make the giving of thank you gifts easier, as brides can buy coordinating gem jewellery for their bridesmaids. Simply take care to ensure your emerald ring doesn’t clash with everyone else’s garnet earrings unless you’re going for a holly-jolly holiday wedding theme.

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6. Think Complement, Not Overwhelm

The one key to keep in mind is letting your jewellery complement your look, not overwhelm it. Even The Hope Diamond with all its history is in the end only a fashion accessory. Plus, having guests staring at the giant sapphire around your neck can make you feel uncomfortable as if they’re inspecting other areas of your anatomy.

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7. Remember, Something Borrowed

Finally, weddings are steeped in tradition. If you are the least bit superstitious, find a way to wear the bracelet your mum’s family has passed down through the generations. Not only will you avoid conflict, but you’ll also enjoy your special day without worrying your ancestors are frowning down upon you for shunning their heirloom.

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In the end, your perfect wedding jewellery ensemble should reflect your unique personality. Your beau-to-be, after all, didn’t fall in love with someone whose style more closely resembles Penelope Garcia from “Criminal Minds” only to watch them transform into a complete stranger on the big day. They’re in love with glorious, individual you — so let that sparkling personality spill over into your wedding day accessories if you so desire. Remember, on this day, you are the star, so rock your glorious signature look with confidence.

Weddings can create a lot of stress during the planning stages, but putting together your jewellery for the big day need not leave you reaching for your Valium prescription. By following the tips above, you can create a signature look which will make your special day even more memorable.