7 Must Haves For Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Many couples want their ceremonies to be unique and unlike the rest when planning weddings. And so, most of you would check out the latest trends about weddings and find inspiration on which styles, themes, and setups are perfect for you as a couple.

But one thing many people often forget to consider is planning an eco-friendly wedding. The thing is, weddings are among those events with the highest generators of waste and carbon footprints.

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From excess food waste to single-use plastic packaging to throwaway decorations, weddings could adversely impact the planet.

Thankfully, there are some steps you can practise to help you plan and attain a sustainable and eco-friendly wedding. This way, you no longer have to bear the guilt of celebrating your wedding while harming the planet at the same time.

With some tweaks and creativity, you will surely achieve your dream wedding in an eco-friendly way. For your guide, here’s a seven-item planning checklist for your eco-friendly wedding celebration.

1. Use Wedding E-Invites

Before you get too excited about printing hundreds of wedding invitation cards for your guests, try to think of other ways you can invite them without wasting lots of paper. For example, instead of the traditional printed wedding invitations, you can go for e-invites by sending email invitations. If you find emails too dull, you can go for video invitations wherein you and your partner can film yourself with a brief invitation speech for your guests.

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Meanwhile, if you still wish to go the traditional way, choose a printing service that uses eco-friendly materials and inks.

2. Hire Sustainable Wedding Vendors

When meeting with your wedding vendors, take time to know more about how committed they are towards preserving the planet and what actions they have done to practice it.

For example, if you’re planning to serve green tea for your guests before or after the ceremony, see to it that your chosen tea vendor only uses organic ingredients for their teabags.

Another example is your wedding cake. If possible, get your organic wedding cake from a local bakery. Some organic bakeries also specialize in serving gluten-free or vegan cake so you can cater to all your guests.

Overall, hiring a team of people who share the same goal and passion in preserving the planet and reducing waste will make it easier for you to achieve an eco-friendly wedding.

3. Opt For Ethical Rings

When choosing your engagement or wedding rings, make sure you go for those made from environmentally-friendly materials like gemstones, antique diamonds, or precious metals.

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Some jewellery brands also sell lab-grown diamonds as they’re more ethical. Better yet, you could also go for the old route and opt for a vintage ring.

4. Go For Sustainable Dresses

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about sustainability when choosing dresses for the wedding. You might get too wrapped up in picking grandiose styles or ordering a gown specifically made for you. But sometimes, it isn’t always the most eco-friendly option, especially when they’re made from the least sustainable fabrics like polyester or nylon.

You can easily find sustainable dresses by browsing  Australia’s most sustainable brands of clothing or bridal boutique. These ethical wedding designers or bridal boutiques can show you wedding dresses made from eco-friendly or recycled materials. They may be costlier than the mass-produced unsustainable gowns, but they have the slightest impact on the Earth.

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Better yet, you could also go for a secondhand or vintage dress as recycling and reusing will always be an excellent move for the planet.

5. Pick A Local Venue

If possible, pick a location close to your hometown that is easily accessible to your guests. You and your guests can save time and money from travelling long distances, producing more carbon footprint from gas emissions.

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Furthermore, it’s also ideal to select a wedding venue that’s already beautiful on its own. For example, consider getting married on a local flower farm or a mountain top. This way, you no longer have to invest in plenty of throwaway and single-use decorations to enhance your wedding venue.

6. Use Recycled And Eco-Friendly Decorations

No matter what wedding theme you have, make it a point to only use eco-friendly, recycled or DIY decorations like flowers and potted plants. Things like plastic ribbons and balloons are highly discouraged as they’ll only add to the plastics piling up on the landfill. Instead, focus on decorating your venue with sustainable decorations like recycled glass bottles turned into flower vases also, old birdcages turned into aisle lanterns.


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Opt for succulents, potted plants, or potted flowers instead of bouquets. This way, after the wedding, you can use them to decorate your home or garden instead of throwing the flowers away.

7. Avoid Disposable Dinnerware

One of the common trashes you often find after a wedding celebration is disposable utensils and dinnerware. They may be the cheaper option, but they’re also the most harmful to the environment. So, instead of disposable goods, opt to rent your dishes and linens from a rental company.

Not only are they more stylish compared to plastic goods, but they’re also the most sustainable option.

Wrapping Up

As you see, you can still achieve your dream wedding without compromising the environment.

So, if wedding bells are in your plans, don’t forget to follow this checklist when planning your magical and eco-friendly wedding celebration.