7 Essential Items to Include In Your Honeymoon Packing List

Once the wedding festivities start, they just don’t stop! As soon as you’re done with the wedding, you’re packing up and you’re heading to a new adventure – your honeymoon. Most people travel for their honeymoon to warm, sunny destinations, here are the 7 essential items to include in your Honeymoon Packing List.

1.    Comfortable Day Outfits

As soon as you get to your destination, you’re going to want to relax and take a breather. You’ve been working hard organizing your wedding, and you’ll be exhausted, so spending the first day or two casually is your best option. Have something comfortable, like a romper, cotton dress, or why not – your best pyjamas. You don’t have to worry about looking perfectly put together every day of your honeymoon. You’re with the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, so you can be your most honest self around them.

2.    Stylish Night Outfits

Once you’re done resting up and you’re ready to have some fun, it’s time to get the taste of the nightlife. Whether you’re going to a nice restaurant to taste local food or if you’re going to dance the night away, you’ll want a few nighttime outfits that will have you feeling like a million bucks. Whether that’s dresses, smart playsuits or something else entirely, plan your outfits beforehand and have them ready to party.

3.    Shoes for all occasions

There’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere away from home in uncomfortable shoes. You’ll want to bring a few pairs with you, and it will mostly depend on the activities you have planned. You never want to be on the beach barefoot, because the hot sand can literally burn your fee, so a pair of sandals is a must-have. Next, if you’re an adventurous type and you’re thinking of going exploring and hiking, good hiking shoes or Your RV Lifestyle will help you out. You might want to pop a pair of dressy shoes if your sandals aren’t really up to the task of evening dates and you’re all ready to go.

4.    Swimsuit

Source: www.sirensswimwear.com.au

No vacation bag should be zipped up without a swimsuit in it. If you’re going somewhere where you know you’ll be enjoying the sea or a pool every day, you’ll want to have at least two or three swimsuits on hand so that you can rotate them. But even if you’re not expecting to do a lot of swimming, you never know when you’ll find a jacuzzi that you can hop into. Bikinis are a great option, but a more vintage one-piece swimsuit might give you an even cooler look by being sexy and yet stylish at the same time.

5.    Lingerie

Speaking of things that only cover a small part of your body, it’s your honeymoon and things are surely going to get heated in the bedroom. Why not go treat yourself to some new lingerie that you feel amazing in before you go on the trip and surprise your significant other on the first night. It will make you feel confident in yourself and they will definitely appreciate the effort.

6.    Panic Kit

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A lot of things can go wrong on a trip, from sickness to a fashion disaster, which is why you should have a panic kit in your suitcase. For starters, you’ll want all the usual first-aid medication to get rid of any flu or virus before it manages to ruin your holiday. And secondly, you’ll want a clothing-related kit. A few safety pins, a needle with several colours of thread, an instant-erase stain remover pen for any spills on your clothes and a lint roller for any animal encounters. If you’re going to spend a lot of time in the sun, aloe vera might be your best friend if you manage to burn yourself.

7.    Accessories

No packing list is done without the accessories, so make sure you are packing everything you need to complement your outfits. From swimsuit cover-ups to dangling necklaces and bracelets, you’ll want to bring pieces that go with a lot of your outfits to maximize luggage space. Don’t forget a big sun hat to protect your head, and a light shawl to throw over your shoulders on the cooler evenings. The practical things like a beach towel and a big beach bag are a must, but also bring a smaller evening purse or backpack.

If you’re having your wedding and your honeymoon at the same destination, then you also have to think about packing all of the wedding details, in which case you might want to have two separate suitcases – one for the wedding things and one for everything else. But even if your luggage gets lost or you realize you’ve left your favourite dress on the hanger at home, you’ll still have an amazing time because you’re with the person you love.  You could be wearing a potato sack for all he could care!