7 Creative Wedding Video Invitation Ideas

One of the most important milestones in your life, your wedding, is approaching, and you’re surrounded by question marks. Which dress should you get? Can you organize a micro wedding so that your closest friends and family can attend? What about the cake and canapes? Then you realize, you’re in the middle of all the planning and you haven’t invited anyone yet! Now, there are many wedding trends that will come and go, but one that will most certainly stay is the switch to video invites.

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Videos are much more engaging, exciting, and memorable, making them the perfect medium to inform your guests to save the date. Not to mention that it’s more eco-friendly to ditch the paper invites and your budget will be grateful, too. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the most creative wedding video invitations you can use for your own special day and dazzle your guests.

Bring Your Wedding Theme to Life

Are you going for a spring theme filled with boho decorations and florals? Or do you want a glamorous, retro wedding with a touch of the Great Gatsby glitz? There are so many themes to choose from, and your video invite can be in the spirit of the event itself.

There are many animation video makers to enrich your themed video and to perfectly portray the desired atmosphere. This will also help your guests get the vibe and match their outfits accordingly.

A Timeline of Your Relationship

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Setting up a video invite is one way to prevent unnecessary wedding stress so that you can make your invites more personal and intimate without overwhelming your guests and your own list of chores. The timeline-based video is an easy way to remind your guests of when and how you two met, and the most crucial milestones in your relationship.

Customize and Glam Up a Template

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Video-making tools come with a slew of beautiful templates you can use as the basis of your invite, and then spruce it up with a bit of creativity. You can use a free video maker to look for the perfect invite template and build upon it with your animations, imagery, and your own video collection.

For example, you can imbue the video with snippets from your travels – to showcase your wedding as yet another journey you’re embarking upon together. It gives you plenty of creative freedom, preserves your budget, and allows you to customize your story.

Showcase the Proposal

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If you and your significant other have taken pictures or videos to commemorate the proposal itself, this makes for great video invite material. It allows you to make your guests part of the story, tell them about the moment that has led to the wedding, and showcase some of that romance.

With a bit of music in the background, this short and sweet video invite version is perfect especially if you’ve had someone take pictures or record the surprise moment and the reaction itself.

Get Goofy with Your Pets

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If dogs can be ring bearers, why not let them play a role in the invite, too? Many pet parents love including their little furry pals in the invite process, too. Adding effects such as bubbly hearts in their loving gaze, and creating a mock proposal, or finding wedding outfits for them (anything cuter than a lab in a tux?) can be a perfect, light-hearted way to invite people to your special day.

Cover the Main Info with the Video

Every video invite needs to be as informative as it is adorable, but you can also achieve both within the video itself, to avoid providing the event details in the email separately. You can portray the wedding details in the video, to show them the timeline, where and when they should attend, and other details you want them to know.

You can even add snappy sound effects to keep their attention and add imagery depicting the venue, the couple, and the schedule.

Mimic a Movie Trailer

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You know the essentials – snippets of the venue, the bachelorette’s celebration, the groom trying on his suit, the romantic hand-holding, the close-up of the ring. All the movie classics, paired with some good, dynamic music, and you have a delightful trailer for the event itself.

If you plan to make your cultural heritage part of the ceremony and the event, you can weave that into the trailer, too, making it all the more intriguing for everyone receiving the video.

No time to waste! Use these ideas to give your wedding guests the best surprise email invite ever and let them know you’d like them to be part of your special day celebrations. With so many tools and templates available, not to mention your own personal video library, you can create a few stunning snippets to get your guests excited.