6 Ways to Get Your Dog Involved in a Wedding

Are you having a dog-friendly wedding? Here are six ideas for inviting your canine friend to the party!

Do you have a furry ring bearer or gift bearer in your future? Getting Fido involved in your wedding day is not only fun, it’s an extra way to customize your big day. But how do you include your pup on your special day without him getting underfoot or into mischief?

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To help get you started, here are some tips and tricks that will make sure that even man’s best friend has fun at the reception.

  1. The Ring Bearer

Who says it has to be a baby holding the rings on a satin pillow? There are plenty of dogs who would love to take on this important role and be a part of your wedding plans. You can always use a stuffed animal if you want to go the traditional route, but we think it’s even more fun to let Fido show off his best assets.

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A well-trained pup is sure to know just what to do when he sees that pretty pillow and its contents. The idea here is for him to run across the lawn with the rings tied onto his collar, without dropping them along the way!

You can also create a fun photo op by having an adorable sign made up that says “RING BEARER” or something similar and putting it next to your pooch as he takes his duties (and treats) seriously. Then snap lots of pics and make sure to get the entire family involved in this special moment.

  1. The Family Dog

If you already have a furry friend at home, why not include him in your nuptials? Think of it as an opportunity for your pet to join your family officially and become part of the wedding celebrations. There are plenty of ways that you can make this happen, but here’s one suggestion for getting Fido involved without causing too much stress or chaos.

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Invite everyone who is attending your wedding to bring their own pup! Make sure to put up signs at the ceremony site letting guests know that there will be canine creatures running around, which should help get rid of any lingering tension about pets being on-site. If you are worried about allergies, make sure to provide allergy-friendly treats and talk with your guests before the festivities begin.

  1. The Entrance Entourage

You’re walking down the aisle (or along the path) with your father, bridesmaids, groomsmen…and Fido? Why not mix it up a bit by including your best friend in this special moment? You can go one of two ways here—either let him tag along behind you as you walk down the aisle (on his own leash), or ask someone to help lead him up ahead of you like he’s heading toward his seat instead. Either way, it should be a cute sight that people will love! And if having an adorable pooch at your side makes you feel more comfortable, have someone take photos of you with your four-legged ring bearer after the ceremony.

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  1. The Food Tester

We all know that cake is the most important part of any wedding (and luckily for Fido, it’s often his favourite flavour too). So why not let your furry friend give the tasty treat a try before it gets served to everyone at the reception? This way, if he takes even one bite out of that lovely creation or decides to scarf it down instead, there won’t be anything left to serve! Plus, putting him in charge like this will make sure that no rambunctious pup has an accident on top of it either. Just make sure guests aren’t allergic; some people are very sensitive to animal dander, so it’s important to ask ahead of time. And make sure Fido doesn’t overeat, he won’t have energy left for the upcoming parts!

  1. Pet Photos

Including your groom and your pup in a wedding photo together is one way to ensure that they both have an opportunity to be a part of the day’s festivities. You can create a fun shot by telling them to look as serious as possible or snarl for the camera. A trickier image may require you to get creative with props—and if your dog will cooperate, why not put him behind a sign that says “Ruff” or something similar? This kind of playful snapshot is sure to make everyone smile.

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  1. The Gift Box

Is there anything more special than creating new memories on your big day? Why not let Fido help out by letting him take on the job of gift-delivering? Just place some fun toys or tasty treats inside a wrapped box and let him carry it to your guests. When they open it up, there will be more than enough goodies for everyone!

Pets at Weddings

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There you have it—six ways for your pooch to make an appearance at your upcoming nuptials. Whether you decide to let him run the show or simply give him pictures in a special scrapbook, this is sure to be a day he’ll never forget!