6 Unique Wedding Catering Ideas To Try

Getting married is a beautiful milestone in your life. However, it can be stressful since there are a lot of things to plan, prepare, organise, etc.  That’s why brides and grooms are stressed and there is a lot of pressure to follow the status quo regarding the organization, décor, food, drinks, and everything else.

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However, you don’t have to have the same wedding people all around the world already had. You can decorate and organise your special day to your needs and preferences. And regarding food, you can be very creative. So, if you don’t want to serve some chicken and a wedding cake, here are some unique catering ideas for the best day of your life.

Individual Meals

If you don’t want a uniform menu where everyone gets the same thing, you can be creative and order individual meals from your caterer. And if you are having a summer or an outdoor wedding, you can even serve those meals in picnic baskets to incorporate them into the décor. You can even pack those baskets with miniature cheese boards and charcuterie, salads in mason jars, small entrees, and other bite-size portions.

Dippable Bites

When you’re serving entrees and finger foods, you don’t have to go with the classic serving and cheese and meats. You can turn to dippable finger foods since these can also look elegant and nice instead of being reserved for casual settings. You can consider serving egg rolls or spring rolls with some nice sauces. These plates can also be passed around during the cocktail hour or you can serve a few plates right at the beginning of the reception.

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Serrano Ham and Pan-Fried Foie Gras

For a more elevated feel at the wedding, you can provide a high-level culinary experience to your friends and family. To achieve this, you can organise passed appetizers arranged on a fancy wooden board filled with light bites. Those light bites can be as colourful as you’d like and you can include serrano ham, cheeses, and pan-fried foie gras, for example. These appetizers can look so beautiful and they can provide such a luxurious feel to the entire reception.

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The Classics with a Twist

For those of you who have smaller weddings or don’t want to spend a fortune on catering, you can go with the classics. However, give them a new and creative twist. If you’d still like to serve chicken, you can experiment with pressed chicken served in fancy spoons for a perfect appetizer. Also, you can stick to the tastiest classic such as burgers. You can visit your local burger restaurant to see what they offer and experiment with tastes and see what you’d like to serve and then make smaller bite-sized burgers, experiment with sauces, or even go for a vegan option. Or you can serve some raw fish or even tuna tartar in wonton spoons so everyone can easily grab a snack on the go. You can really put a twist on some famous classics so talk to your caterer about what can be done differently.

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Food Truck Galore

If those classic wedding food services are not your cup of tea and if you’d like to surprise your guests, you should definitely go for a food truck then. In the past couple of years, having a wedding food truck has become a huge trend, and for a good reason. Not only are food trucks a budget-friendly option, but they can easily be integrated and customised to your wedding theme and food preferences. You as a couple can choose your own menus, have menu boards with fun names and simply personalise the entire food aspect of your wedding. Food trucks certainly provide uniqueness, oomph, and playfulness to a seemingly formal event, which doesn’t have to be that formal at all!

Grab and Go Dessert Stations

Cutting into dozens of huge cakes or having too many sweets on your plate can often be exhausting. So, if you want to avoid that mess and too much wasted cake, you should consider grab-and-go dessert tables at your reception. Since these can be smaller deserts you can be creative and artistic, mix different flavours and cakes and practically anything can be incorporated into these fun stations. Consider having a doughnut wall, cupcake towers, and even macaron trees around your wedding cake. This certainly sounds fun, it can be incorporated into the wedding theme and you can get as creative as you want.

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As you can see, your wedding catering doesn’t have to be boring and ordinary. There are so many ways to have fun with it, and these are just some of the ideas that you can use.

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