6 Honeymoon Planning Tips on a Budget

A honeymoon is not only the perfect way to celebrate the newlywed’s new chapter in life as a married couple. It’s also a welcome conclusion to the tedious months of wedding-related stress.

Luckily, planning a budget-friendly honeymoon is more forgiving than a wedding. You have more diverse options for your money, whether you’re looking to enjoy long walks at the beach or explore a remote village in Italy.

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How Much Does a Honeymoon Cost in 2022?

According to an internal study by The Knot involving 15,000 couples who wed in 2021, a honeymoon costs $4,600 on average.

How Long is a Honeymoon?

In 2022, a typical honeymoon lasts between 7 to 9 days and 2 days longer if you choose to go overseas.

Now that you have a benchmark to work with, here are important tips to help you plan the perfect honeymoon on a budget.

Tip #1: Decide Where to go Early

Some destinations are definitely more wallet-friendly than others. A week’s stay in The Seychelles or Bora-Bora will cost you twice as much as in Thailand.

If your heart’s not yet set on any destination, your options are more flexible. Greece, Mauritius, Mexico, and Sri Lanka are just some of the most popular honeymoon destinations that are all equally stunning and affordable. And instead of going overseas, you can certainly find great alternatives in your home country.

Whether you want to go domestic or international, to the beach or the mountains, it’s important to make that decision early on so you can plan for it properly. The destination will help you decide the best time to go and how many days you can comfortably spend there without eating up your savings.

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Tip #2: Know the Right Timing

Now that you have a destination picked, it’s time to decide when to visit. Some newlyweds go on their honeymoon immediately while others wait months for a big vacation.

If you have your sights set on an expensive destination, you can visit off-season to get better deals or hold it off for a few more months until you’ve saved up enough.

There’s also the time of the year to consider. Paris might be beautiful in summer, but it’s also the peak tourist season. It pays to know these things before you book a ticket.

Tip #3: Book Early!

Once you’ve got your target date locked, start booking. You’ll almost always have the cheapest deals if you book your flights in advance.

So when is the best time to purchase your air tickets? Here are some quick stats from Travel & Leisure:

  • 64 days before departure for domestic travel
    • 67 days before departure for a summer trip
    • 94 days before departure for a winter trip
    • 84 days before departure for a spring trip
    • 89 days before departure for a fall trip
  • Two months before departure to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean
  • Half a month to 3 months before departure to Central America
  • One and a half to 5 and a half months before departure to the Middle East
  • Three months before departure to Africa
  • Four months before departure to Asia and Europe


Tip #4: Take Matters into Your Own Hands

Instead of enlisting the help of specialised honeymoon travel agents and getting pricey honeymoon packages, you’ll save so much more if you organise the trip yourself.

Travel research can be challenging and fun. By plotting your own itinerary, booking your accommodations, and finding relevant information about your destination, you can set proper expectations and find useful advice you might never know otherwise.

You’ll be much more diligent at finding and negotiating the best prices for services. Just make sure you have enough time to plan and organise everything to avoid stress.

Tip #5: Pack Light

Pack only the essentials. A lighter bag will be easier to transport and save you those pesky baggage fees.

Prioritise packing light, comfy clothing, and items to make time away from home as comfortable as possible.

When making a list of things to pack, keep in mind the activities you will enjoy during your vacation. Bring your trusty beach towel and skincare essentials if you’re headed to the coast.

Pack a heat pack or neck wrap if you’re taking a long-haul flight or planning a hiking adventure. You’ll thank yourself for thinking ahead.

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Tip #6: Consider All-inclusive Resorts

If you’re afraid of overspending, pay for everything upfront by opting for all-inclusive options or packages on resorts. All-inclusive services may vary in pricing, so you can choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

If you want to explore, use the same strategy and pay for all-in-one guided tours. This allows you to explore your destination in a more relaxed, less stressful way without constantly overthinking every little detail.

Final Word

A honeymoon is all about the moments you enjoy with your spouse. While working with a budget limits the quality of experience, it does put a creative spin on what’s possible. At the end of the day, it all comes down to patience and proper planning.