6 DIY Outdoor Wedding Ideas for Spring

If your wedding is in Spring you’re probably thinking about the many ways you can celebrate the season during your outdoor wedding. It’s the perfect time to say your vows surrounded by blooming flowers and fresh green grass, but what else will make your ceremony perfect?

Brides spend much of their time thinking about the details that will pull everything together. When you picture your future wedding, you might imagine rows of guests and dancing in the sunset, but no ceremony is complete without the perfect decor.

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Here are six DIY outdoor wedding ideas for spring. Brides on a budget can use these tips to keep their planning fun and affordable. Think about how these tips could enhance your ceremony or reception so you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

1. Hang String Lights

During spring, the sun stays high in the sky longer than in winter. You’ll have more daylight to use to your advantage, but outdoor shadows will start to grow as the sun eventually sets.

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Don’t let the evening draw your wedding to an early close. Hang string lights and get creative with how you light the area. You can hang them from trees, a shed or a barn so every inch of your venue lights up throughout the night.

2. Sit on Hay Bales

Casual outdoor weddings are the perfect excuse to add a touch of country chic seating. Call up local farms to ask if you can rent or buy haybales for your ceremony. They’re affordable and unique, so your wedding will stand out for your guests. Plus, you can gather up cute blankets to spread over the bales so everyone’s comfortable during your ceremony.

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3. Build a Floral Backdrop

Floral backdrops are popular with brides because you can decorate them with seasonal blooms and greenery for photos. They’re expensive to rent, so build a pallet backdrop on your own by picking up free ones from local stores. Take them apart and measure the size you want for your arrangement. Piece it together at home and stain it for an aged appearance.

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4. Enhance Your Backyard

Maybe you feel like something’s missing at your home venue. It may be in your best interest to enhance your backyard space with an outdoor kitchen installation. You can use it during your reception and well after your wedding when you host parties with your future spouse in the place where your marriage began.

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5. Write on Window Panes

Window panes have become a popular piece of decor in indoor and outdoor weddings. Cover one in a fresh coat of paint and use a marker to write on the glass. You can set up window panes to act as seating charts, welcome signs or even menus for your reception meal.

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You might think window panes would feel out of place in an outdoor venue. Instead, they’ll prevent things from feeling too spread out. Set up a couple as hanging decor or signs, and they’ll create the vibe of having your space blocked off for guests.

6. Enjoy a Nature-Inspired Exit

After your wedding finishes, you’ll have a big exit where everyone cheers as you leave. Traditionally, guests toss or wave something over you while you exit, but then you’ll have confetti or streamers all over to clean up. Avoid having extra yard work on your to-do list when you consider affordable eco-friendly ideas like giving guests birdseed, lavender or leaves to throw. It’ll provide you with peace of mind so you don’t have anything to worry about after your big day is over.

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Figure Out What You Like

The only way to know which outdoor wedding ideas are right for you is to figure out what you like. Would you enjoy something laid back, like haybale seating, or a project like a floral backdrop? Once you get a feel for what’s right for you and your wedding, you’ll finalize the last details you need to make your ceremony a success.