5 Wedding Disasters

(And How to Stop Them Ruining Your Big Day)

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life as a couple. It is something that you have probably looked forward to for a very long time. You will try to plan everything meticulously from the biggest aspect down to the tiniest details. You will devote countless hours and read as many “how to plan your wedding” articles, making sure that yours proceed with no problems. You want your wedding to be just how you’ve always imagined it to be – perfect.

However, some things are just beyond your control no matter how well you’ve organised and coordinated everything. Because here’s the truth: there’s no “perfect” wedding. But there is a perfect response to the many bumps you may encounter down the road – and that is to plan.

By planning, you can be prepared and solve an issue before it blows up and ruins your very special day. But what should you plan for? What are these wedding mishaps that you need to know? Well, here’s a list of the 5 most common disasters that other couples have encountered and the solutions that you may apply.

1. Unforeseen Weather Conditions

When you are planning for an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, rain is certainly the biggest disaster that can fall on you… literally. So when you are planning for your wedding, always expect it to rain even when it’s summer or even when it rarely rains in your location.


Solution: Plan and make reservations with a rental company that offers tent installations. Even if you end up not using it, you’ll feel more at ease during your wedding day. There will be nothing for you to worry about because when the rain does pour, you are ready.


You can also try asking the owner of your venue if there are possible locations that you can use in case the weather does turn bad. More importantly, always set aside an emergency fund for such unexpected expenses.

2. Skin Allergies and Zits

Many brides go to facials the day before their wedding day. However, this may lead to severe allergic reactions, especially if you don’t know the esthetician and not familiar with the products used. In this case, you may look as though you’ve been burnt and have scabbed skin.

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Solution: Don’t go for a facial within a month of your wedding day. Also, don’t try new beauty treatments and products. The same goes for changing your hair colour. If you notice zits appearing, your skin may be acting up. So make an appointment with your dermatologist. However, if the massive pimple decides to show up on your big day, your fastest solution is to get a cortisone shot from a dermatologist.

3. Wedding Supplier is a No-Show

Knowing that one of your suppliers, vendors, or a friend who offered their wedding services will not be turning up is a nightmare. In just a few hours or minutes you are about to say “I Do” but instead of looking forward to it, you’re worrying about where you’ll find a replacement in such short notice.

This type of problem is especially true when it comes to your photographers. So when choosing who to hire, always look for professionals who have been in the industry for some time now. The same goes for choosing your baby photographer and maternity photographer.

Solution: The cheap prices hobbyists offer are surely tempting, especially when they can help you save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. However, they can be less reliable. Most of them work on their own and have no alternatives when they get injured or sick.

This is why you should only hire professionals as they have a reputation to uphold. Furthermore, they are well-connected to the industry pros, so they are more likely to have someone to call for help in case of problems. Also, when choosing who to hire, discuss what happens when they don’t show up. Finally, call and check up on your vendors a week before your big day.

4. Dress Rips and Zipper Breaks

Having your wedding dress rip or its zipper broken is a heartbreaking disaster for any bride who’s just moments away from walking down the aisle. But other than the bride, tears and rips can happen to anyone from the bridesmaids to parents, and even the groom.

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Solution: Always have a sewing kit with you. Also, choose a dress in your actual size and buy it from reputable stores and designers.

5. Forgetting Essential Items

When you’re too excited, it’s easy to forget some of the things you should be doing. For example, you might forget to pick up the readings, speeches, and even rings on your way to the ceremony.

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Solution: Put all the essential items in one bag a week before your wedding day and check up on it a night before. On the morning of your big day, check the bag again so you can find a solution in case one item is missing. When there is an item you’ve left behind, you can ask your parents, maid of honour, or anyone else to go get it for you, given of course that there’s still time. If your location is too far from where you left it, you need to improvise.