5 Ways You Can Dress Up for an Outdoor Wedding

We cannot deny the fact that Covid-19 has affected most things. Now, indoor wedding functions are limited and so most are now outdoors. If you need to attend an outdoor wedding, you will have to dress up accordingly.  Light-coloured clothes with a little fancy touch are suggested. Here, you will learn some amazing tips that can help you dress up for outdoor functions.

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Let’s explore the details:

Wear Sunglasses

Outdoor functions are usually organised on a lawn or ground, so sunlight is obviously there if you choose daytime for the event.  Sunglasses are good to wear for a perfect look. It doesn’t matter what you wear, sunglasses look good when complemented the right way. However, it is important to wear top-quality shades because they protect from harmful UV rays. You can even skip eye makeup if you wear sunglasses.

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Do Not Wear Bright Clothes

Bold or bright colours do not look good in an outdoor function so it would be better if you choose light-shaded clothes. These days, beige, off-white, light pink and other similar shades are in trend. You can style up by creating a contrast as navy blue looks good with beige. You can even go for matching jewellery depending on your choice.

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Wear Comfy Shoes

It is also important to ensure a comfort level even if you are wearing a formal dress. Heels look good but you can even wear comfy shoes for walking easily. Heels are good to wear for indoor night functions but when it comes to outdoor events, comfortable sandals are good to wear. However, whatever you wear, make sure you walk confidently.


Hairstyling is Important

Hairstyling is important because it improves the overall look. You can learn some useful hairstyling tips by watching Youtube tutorials. Try to choose a style that looks amazing but is easy to do. For example, if you will be wearing a long maxi, the hairstyle should be according to the dress.

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You can even use some stylish hair clips. Try to avoid heavy makeup with a light-shade dress because it could take the attention away from the overall look. Opt for natural or pastel shades to harmonize with your outfit.

Choose Contrasting Jewellery

You should choose contrasting jewellery to go with your outfit because matching accessories do not look good. You may need to hold a contrasting handbag too. This will improve your overall look because every single thing that you wear plays an important part. Make sure you carry yourself confidently.

Choose Garden-Party Attire

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These days, skirts and maxis are in trend however when you plan for garden-party attire, choose a maxi over a skirt. You can even wear a long coat with a long-neck shirt. The dress should be according to your personality. If you are not comfortable wearing something but it seems in trend, try to avoid that. In short, these suggestions can help you dress up amazingly for an outdoor wedding.