5 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Staycation Resort

As the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, most of us were forced to forgo our planned vacations, whether it was a yearly family holiday or even a gorgeous destination honeymoon. As a consequence, many have decided to plan a staycation that allowed them to focus on relaxation and fun, without the need to leave their homes.

If you’re in dire need of a break as well, here are some ways you could create an indulgent and luxurious resort experience at home, as a perfect vacation alternative:

1.     Start by Setting a Reasonable Budget

Much like any other holiday, a staycation also requires you to set a budget, in order to be able to allocate enough funds for your desired luxuries, without going overboard. However, the exact amount you spend will naturally depend on your savings, as well as what you personally consider to be a luxury.

For instance, some might only strive for expensive local restaurants and indulgent spa treatments, which could turn out to be quite costly. On the other hand, others could think that simply dropping off their kids at their grandparents’ and spending a week alone focusing on self-care is the epitome of luxury, which doesn’t require a single penny. So, take these aspects into account when planning your budget.

2.     Make Your Home More Comfortable

As the current situation surrounding the pandemic most likely means you won’t be able to stay in any local hotels, your home might be the only accommodation option left for your staycation. So, why not ensure your house is as pristine and cosy as possible? After all, comfort is the true meaning behind indulgence.

Spread out some decadent silk bedsheets, light up some scented candles to create the right atmosphere, or turn your garden into an oasis with a wonderful water fountain; just be as creative as you can, while staying with the budget. If you have the means, a high-end service such a hired cleaner or a professional butler can also be wonderful options to make your home environment feel that much more luxurious.

3.     Ensure Your Home is Safe and Sound

You can never fully relax in your home and enjoy an indulgent staycation unless you know you are truly safe and protected. This becomes especially important during such an unprecedented time as the coronavirus pandemic when most of us feel a heightened need to protect ourselves, as well as those we love.

For this reason, many Australians who have decided on a staycation this year have also invested in comprehensive home insurance in NSW that allows them to ensure both their home and the assets inside of it. It might be a good idea for you to opt for a great insurance policy as well, in order to make sure your home is fully protected, and finally be able to enjoy your wonderful staycation without any worries.

4.     Plan Plenty of Interesting Activities

Depending on what luxury and indulgence mean to you, there are plenty of things you could do in your hometown that aren’t normally part of your daily routine. For example, you could take an art or dance class, invest in your health by going to the gym, practice self-care with DIY spa treatments at home, schedule a dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town, or even attend a special event in your area – just take your pick.

However, if such options aren’t exactly available due to the current situation, keep in mind that even outdoor activities such as hiking through a national park, camping on a nearby mountain, or practising adventure sports could all turn out to be wonderful local experiences.

5.     Invest in Unique Luxury Experiences

When you’re forced to stay at home, one of the best things you could do for yourself is to invest in unique and luxurious experiences you wouldn’t normally get the chance to try out. For instance, you could hire a personal chef to cook dinners each night of your staycation, schedule a therapist to give you relaxing massages at home or even hire a personal decorator to redesign your living space.

No matter which experience you decide to splurge on, there’s no denying such unique activities will make your staycation that much more indulgent, bringing a new air of relaxation, enjoyment and hope in these difficult times.

With just a bit of thought and effort, as well as a few special activities, you can effortlessly spend a wonderful staycation at home that’s just as luxurious as a high-end retreat.