5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

There’s a certain magic in the air when two people decide to tie the knot. As the laughter, joy, and emotions swirl in the breeze, it’s essential to remember that weddings are not just a union of two souls but a gathering of all loved ones, including the youngest attendees.

But how do we keep these little guests entertained so that the day remains memorable for everyone?

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Dive in to discover five creative ways to keep the kiddos happy during your big day.

1. Nature Treasure Hunt

Australia is a country beaming with unique flora and fauna, providing the perfect backdrop for a captivating nature treasure hunt for kids. Consider creating a beautifully illustrated checklist that features fun items for them to discover. These could range from the silver hue of a gum leaf, the intricate design of a Banksia seed pod, to the softness of kangaroo grass. As they embark on their mini-adventure, kids won’t just be entertained; they’ll be immersed in the rich tapestry of natural biodiversity.

To elevate the experience, set up little stations or checkpoints where children can collect stamps or stickers once they’ve found specific items. And for that final touch of excitement, have a small prize waiting for those who complete the hunt—maybe a plant seedling they can grow at home or a cute animal toy.

2. Craft Corner

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Crafting can be a portal to a world of imagination, especially in the radiant setting of a wedding. A craft corner, thoughtfully set up with a variety of materials, can be a child’s playground. Imagine a table laden with pastel-hued papers, ribbons reminiscent of the bride’s dress, glitter that sparkles as brightly as the couple’s joy, and an array of stickers from kangaroos to Sydney Harbour Bridges. Children can be guided to create wedding-themed masterpieces, be it pop-up wedding cards, delicate paper bouquets, or even décor like mini paper boomerangs and dreamcatchers.

You can even organise little ones to make gifts for the flower girl. Not only does this keep everyone engaged, but they also get to take home a piece of the wedding, crafted with their very own hands.

3. Thoughtful Toy Corner

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In the whirlwind of wedding festivities, a dedicated toy corner can be an oasis for younger guests. Creating a space brimming with a mix of educational and fun toys ensures children remain entertained while also offering them an enriching experience. Within this corner, consider adding Montessori toys, known for their developmental benefits. Including fun Montessori toys for 2 year olds, such as tactile wooden puzzles or colour-matching games, can cater to the littlest attendees, promoting their cognitive and motor skills amidst the joyous celebration.

Pair these with other engaging toys like building blocks, art supplies, and soft plush toys that reflect the fauna. By blending education with play, this toy corner becomes a delightful retreat, allowing kids to both unwind and stimulate their minds, all while parents can enjoy the festivities knowing their young ones are contentedly occupied.

4. Mini Dance Floor

Dancing transcends age, and for many children, moving to music is as natural as breathing. Setting up a dedicated mini dance floor for them can transform their wedding experience. Picture a vibrant space, decorated with twinkling fairy lights and bright streamers, resonating with the joyous tunes that children adore. Supply props like shimmering feather boas, funky sunglasses, and maybe even some temporary tattoos with fun motifs, such as koalas or pandas.

Periodic dance-offs or a brief appearance by the newlyweds on the mini dance floor can boost their enthusiasm. With their own dedicated space, children can groove freely, making memories they’ll cherish.

5. Storytime Nook

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Stories have the power to captivate, educate, and transport listeners to different worlds. By creating a storytime nook, you can offer young guests a serene oasis amidst the bustling wedding celebrations. This is especially essential if you’re planning a wedding with a baby! Imagine a space dotted with soft mats, bean bags, and a canopy of lights, housing a collection of enchanting books. Incorporate a diverse range of tales, from traditional dreamtime stories to contemporary children’s literature.

To enhance this experience, consider hiring a local storyteller or perhaps requesting an eloquent family member to regale the kids with tales of love, adventure, and wonder. With every tale, children will be weaving their own narrative of the wedding, one filled with magic, dreams, and a touch of the local spirit.

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Weddings, with their blend of tradition and festivities, offer a unique opportunity to craft unforgettable experiences. By catering to the younger audience with activities like nature hunts, crafts, toys, dancing, and storytelling, you not only ensure their entertainment but also infuse the day with moments of pure, childlike joy. After all, the sound of children’s laughter is one of the most beautiful melodies to accompany the union of two souls.