5 Tips On Planning The Perfect On-Site Wedding Ceremony

Nowadays, some engaged couples prefer to hold an on-site wedding ceremony. It’s a great occasion to share a special moment with their loved ones, and it can be more manageable to execute. If you’re leaning towards this type of wedding, here are some tips you can keep in mind during the planning stage:

1. Find A Great Venue

The venue is one of the first things you need to secure when planning an on-site wedding. Without it, you may face difficulties deciding on other aspects of the ceremony, like your theme and guest list. Hence, you should find potential locations that fit your preferences.

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For instance, if you prefer an outdoor wedding, you can find a spacious garden or beach venue. On the other hand, a function hall is a great choice for an indoor ceremony.

When choosing a location, you should take time to see it yourself. Although photos can provide a better idea of what your wedding will look like, nothing beats seeing the place in person.

Some venues may look bigger or smaller in photos than in real life. And if you book it without considering how many people will attend your wedding, you may encounter problems.

If you want to make your planning less stressful, you can look for a venue that offers wedding booking and ceremonies services. This way, they can assist you every step of the way until your special day.

2. Finalize Your Guest List

Your wedding won’t be complete without your family and relatives present to share your special moment. So, you shouldn’t forget to notify your family and friends about the date of the ceremony.

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You must finalize your guest list during the early stages of your wedding planning since you need to align it with the size of your venue. It would influence which place you will pick for your on-site ceremony.

Furthermore, some people may have busy schedules to adjust to ensure they’re present during the wedding. So, it would help them plan their future commitments if you send them an invite as early as possible.

You can ask your guests to confirm their attendance if you have limited seats. This way, you can invite other people on your list if someone can’t make it. Also, you should inform those with specific roles about their part, especially if they need to attend a rehearsal.

3. Decorate The Venue

Details like your table set up and venue design will set the tone during your wedding day. Hence, decorating your wedding location with elements that showcase your theme would be nice.

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For example, you can create custom welcome signs or use the same colours to decorate the entire place.  For instance, if your tables have gold centrepieces, you should add some gold ornaments to the location where you’ll say your vows. In addition, you can match it with fresh flowers to bring your theme to life.

When decorating the place, you should ensure all elements blend. Also, it would be best to avoid putting too many items in the venue as it may make it difficult for you and your guests to move around. Instead, focus on areas like the aisle and main stage.

4. Consider The Weather

One element you shouldn’t ignore when planning an on-site wedding ceremony is the weather. It can affect how your special day will turn out, so you must include it in your wedding checklist.

If the ceremony is held outdoors, it may be best to pick a month with low chances of rain. Also, you should avoid the peak of summer since it may be too hot to stay outside for long periods. Conducting your ceremony during autumn or spring is an excellent choice since the temperature won’t be too hot or cold.

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Alternately, a little shower won’t hurt if you have an indoor wedding. However, it would be helpful to think of how inclement weather may hinder your guests from going to the venue. So, it’s still advisable to arrange the wedding when it’s not rainy.

5. Don’t Forget About The Music

You can add music to your wedding plans to set the mood during your ceremony. You can choose some songs you and your significant other like and play them during the entrance of the entourage.

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You can also hire a musician to sing or play an instrument since a live performance feels different from hearing a song recording. They can elevate your experience and make your nuptials more special.

Final Thoughts

It can be daunting to take charge of planning an on-site wedding ceremony. However, breaking down your tasks and prioritizing the most critical aspects will allow you to execute the wedding of your dreams.