5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Planning for the perfect wedding can be extremely stressful, especially because you will want everything to be magical, like the one you’ve always dreamed of having. With that, you must know that choosing the right wedding venue plays an important part in your wedding planning.

There are plenty of wedding venues that you can choose from for your special day. With the number of options you have at hand, you need to ensure that you pick the right one that checks all of the boxes on your list.

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Listed below are the things you should consider when choosing a wedding venue.

  1. Set Your Budget

Not all wedding venues come with the same fees. Before you begin searching for the best place where you could host the ceremony and reception, you should first set your budget. This way, you can immediately narrow down your choices and be specific about your search. It will be disappointing to choose the perfect venue to find out that it’s something you can’t afford.

As you set your budget, you should also consider the additional fees the venue might charge you. These could include catering, decoration, outside supplier rental, electricity, and more. Ideally, you should get a full quote for every expense so you can identify if it’s something you can work within your budget.

  1. Know The Number Of Guests

Before you book the perfect venue, you should first know how many guests you’re expecting to have at your wedding.

While booking a venue is one thing you need to accomplish at the start of your wedding hunting, you should first decide how many guests you anticipate having. By doing so, you can look for venues that can accommodate your number of guests, comfortably.

  1. Choose A Venue That Matches Your Theme

There are many different styles of venues. Some may have a party ambience, and some may have a more traditional and romantic look. When choosing your wedding venue, you should choose one that matches your theme perfectly.

You could decide on a barn venue if you have a rustic theme or go for a ballroom for a traditional motif.

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If you’re having trouble looking for the perfect venue, there are some empty white rooms available that allow for a perfect blank canvas, and you can choose to decorate the entire venue yourself from floor to ceiling. However, you may need to spend more with those kinds of rooms as you’ll need to hire a stylist, which can be costly, especially with grander themes.

  1. Consider The Location

One thing that you shouldn’t forget when choosing is the location of your wedding venue. This may involve the possibility of having two places, one for the ceremony and another for the reception. While two separate locations may provide the look and ambience you’re going for, it might not be convenient for your guests to travel to.

Ideally, you should choose venues that are near each other, preferably in a single location. This way, your guests won’t have to hurriedly hop back in their cars just to proceed in the cocktail hour.

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If you’d still like to proceed with various locations for your wedding, you should consider hiring a transportation service for your guests that can bring them from one point or another.

  1. Prepare Multiple Dates

Amazing wedding venues are usually booked 12 to 18 months before the wedding. So you may need to be flexible with your wedding date so you can widen your venue options.

If you and your partner aren’t in a rush, you should choose at least two to four wedding dates. This way, you can check your chosen venue’s availability and, hopefully, book one on your desired date.


To ensure that you find the right venue, always visit the place first yourself and imagine if it’s something you can imagine walking down the aisle in, or where you’d like to see your wedding guests at the cocktail hour, dancing and partying like crazy.